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Appreciation as Prayer

on November 22, 2012

Appreciation is the highest form of prayer, for it acknowledges the presence of good wherever you shine the light of your thankful thoughts.

Happy T-Givings, y’all! Hopefully all of you and yours are gathered together safely this wonderful holiday season, enjoying good weather and football and lots of eating and parade watching and reading and whatever else brings your family community and joy. For those of you whose Thanksgiving is less pleasant – keep calm. Focus on the mashed potatoes. Just a few more months and the non-Holiday American will return.

Choosing to leave this post as devoid of cynacism as is possible for myself, I’d like to go ahead and give just a brief list of things that, in my (soon to be as of tomorrow) 24 years of life, I’ve come to be completely and eternally grateful for:

1.) My husband. Mark is an amazing man who is capable of amazing things. And he doesn’t make fun of me for doing a blog and reading books all the time and then writing about said books on said blog. And he knows how I take my coffee, and won’t judge me when I put peanut butter on my pancakes, even though he thinks its the weirdest thing on earth (quick poll: an other PBers out there? or is it just butter and syrup for you? no syrup? fruit? I’m extremely interested in your pancake eating habits).

2.) My family and best friends: You know who you are. I call you all the time. I text you. I ask you things about the eternal novel I’m always working on. You let me come and play with your pets and do my laundry at your house and sleep on your couch and eat your food. My day to day wouldn’t happen without you. And I couldn’t imagine having better people to make it happen.

3.) Coffee. Especially when it comes hot out of the Kurig after I get to push the really fun button, or when Starbucks makes it with more sugar than coffee.

4.) Books. Books. All the books, all the stories. And the idea of all the books and stories that are still out there to read. Books are hope and experience and travel and learning and doing and community, all wrapped up in metaphors and fun fonts and hopefully beautiful covers. Books are my job, my school, my passion and my friends.

5.) Fall colors. I mean. Really? Look at that:

I LIVE THERE. I mean, not ‘there’ exactly, but in the Flint Hills, which is where those pictures were taken. It’s so beautiful. And it makes my heart explode.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all the best evening.


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