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When You Find a Carcass in Your In-Laws Yard…

on March 15, 2013

…there just isn’t really a more awkward way to end a breakfast! Or a better way to title a post. Alas, there is no picture of said carcass (which my father-in-law believed to be a possum? Possibly brought down by a coyote?) because, when I got home and didn’t find it and asked Mark if he deleted it, he said “you said you thought it was gross and didn’t want it on your camera”. True. I did indeed say that. So let me just say that it was GROSS, and I’m really glad Mark found it before Penny did because puppy kisses post carcass are just…not happening.


As you’ve probably gathered by now, we went over to the in-laws house for breakfast. Mark’s dad just got back in town after travelling to Virginia for a class he’s teaching, so we decided to get together to play catch-up (and, of course, allow them to fix us a delicious breakfast!) The couple of hours we were over there just flew by, and it was really nice to finally get the chance to see both my mother-in-law and father-in-law at the same time!




(yeah, we feed Penny bacon from the table. But only when we have bacon. Look at that face – can you blame us?)




Let me just say – when it comes to that whole southern-style cooking thing, my father-in-law has it in the bag! Breakfast this morning was a blueberry pancake topped with sliced almonds and SF syrup, a piece of bacon, and a couple scoops of scrambled eggs – maybe not the healthiest of breakfasts, but eaten in moderation and so good that I believe the phrase “rats ass” may have to be involved in describing my level of concern. In other words – SOGOOD.

I’ve got to work this afternoon (short afternoon shift, which will, I’m pretty sure, drag by, but at least it’s a short amount of time to drag, yes? Yes.) After that, I’m going to the gym? I’m going to the gym! It’ll be a little later than I prefer going, and may mean eating later than I like (Mark’s working 1:00-10:00 today, so that actually aligns pretty well) but I snagged one of these from my MIL’s candy bowl, so that’ll at least take the sting off


70% too dark for you guys? What’s your favorite kind of chocolate? Or are you one of those, you know, non-chocolate people?


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