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Did I Say Pork Chops? I Meant Taco Bell.

on March 16, 2013

P3150003 (2)

That’s what I had for dinner last night (minus the remote and Playstation controller). I know, right? That doesn’t look like the completely random pork chops and chicken rice I was talking about last night. Probably because, shockingly enough, it isn’t.

Last night was one of those textbook examples of seeing yourself headed down the “wrong path”, and not doing really a damn thing to take yourself off of it. You probably know what I mean. I hope? It’s late, and as much as you’ve tried to take steps to prevent this scenario, you’re tired, there’s nothing to cook, you and your husband are starving…and it’s Taco Bell city. I was hesitant about putting that picture up there and writing this blog post because, well, its kind of embarrassing. To know something is bad for you and do it anyway? And to see it coming from a bout a mile off? It’s not a great feeling – this morning or last night. But I’m making it a goal to keep this blog an honest portrayal of this health roller coaster I’m on, and honesty means including even the things you’re not exactly proud of.

The good news is that I “know where I went wrong” last night. And, as is usually the case, I really threw myself off-track way, way back in the beginning of the day – when I didn’t eat lunch before I headed to work. I mean, I grabbed a couple pieces of cold chicken, but that wasn’t enough. And I know it might be foolish to try and pinpoint one moment for the mistakes to be made, but when I didn’t eat lunch, I was ravishing at work. Then I bought a pack of almonds, which helped, but didn’t get me out of the whole. The burrito at home was the same – squelched my hunger feeling, but didn’t get me to my caloric level of, you know, maintaining a level thought process. Top that with the gym (bigger calorie deficit) and well as the late hour (will power directly correlates negatively to later hours in the day) and by the time Mark got home I took one look at him and said “I think we need to go grab something for dinner”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I tried to do the best I could to make “healthy” choices at the Taco Bell, and the chicken soft tacos were definitely a way to do that, but it’s nights like last night that show me how important it is to really take a holistic view of the day, and of healthy living in general. What you do over the course of the WHOLE day, or the WHOLE week, can do more to determine success than the actions of one individual meal or workout. I’m resolved to make today a day full of better choices across the board, setting myself up for success by doing the things I know that work:

1.) Eating breakfast (oatmeal with vanilla and cinnamon is on the stove now – yum!)

2.) Eating every few hours, even if its just a little bit.

3.) Keeping myself “busy”, with everything from reading a book to cleaning, so that I don’t get bored enough to just nosh (Real Housewives is my kryptonite!)

4.) Hitting the gym to get a big ole’ rush of those endorphins.

5.) This one’s a bit new, but I think every time I want to eat something of which The Biggest Loser would disapprove, I’m going to picture Allison making this face:


Hopefully, the next time we talk, I’ll be shooting you guys a quick update from my new iPhone (probably such a big deal because it’s…wait for it… MY FIRST EVER SMART PHONE! What century are we in?)


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