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Rock Chalk, Baby!

on March 17, 2013


Those are my wedding cake toppers from back in October, and pretty much nothing I own sums up just how much of a KU family Mark and I are. Except maybe our Jayhawk pillow. Or blanket. Or snow globe…

For those of you paying more attention to green beer and St. Paddys day races, you may have missed out on the fact that its the Big 12 Tournament time – a pretty big deal in these here parts! Which is why, after an early AM trip to Best Buy for NEW PHONES (!!!!)

and an afternoon trip to the gym for my 5K run

I headed over to my parents house to watch KU play heated rivals K-State for the Big Twelve championship!



Even Penny couldn’t keep her eyes off the game!

Mark came home on his lunch break and got the chance for some quick basketball watching and spicy wing eating.

KU won, bringing home yet another Big Twelve title! Not only is this awesome in and of itself, but this also heralds in the start of March Madness and all the glory of the NCAA Tournament. Its kind of like Christmas time in our apartment, only way more stressful!

I have to admit, I’m a little jealous to see so many amazing St. Paddys day races, but I’ve got another dose of Jillian Michaels to console me, so I suppose I’ll get through it 😉


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