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Fan-Girling Out!

on March 19, 2013

This will be brief.

You know when you read a blog for like, a year, but you don’t comment or say anything because you’re shy, but you’re also a huge fan of the person who writes that blog (no? just me, then? alrighty.)

And then you know how sometimes you send that person an email just to say thanks, but not quite sure they’ll read it, let alone respond, but it’s kind of more about the fact that you sent it to begin with?

And then how sometimes that person does respond and is more kind, gracious, and down right fucking awesome than you originally anticipated?

And it makes not only your day, but your week?

Yeah, that just happened. I just got an email from Janae at Hungry Runner Girl, and lets just say

yeah fuck yeah

Outlaw out.


One response to “Fan-Girling Out!

  1. […] but not least, this blogger probably shouldn’t surprise you. Remember when I heard from her and basically had a heart attack? That’s because, without a doubt, my number one favorite blog that I read […]

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