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Does It Still Count as Eating Out if You’re Eating Salad?

on March 20, 2013


I don’t know what it is, man, but lately Mark and I seem to be unable to get enough salad eating. And since we’re not the greatest at not going out to eat, and since it’s almost just as expensive to put together the range of ingredients we like to eat, we’ve hit up Jason’s Deli about a million times this past week (it’s actually been, like, three times plus one trip to Sweet Tomatoes, but you know what I mean). PLEASE tell me I’m not the only person who takes full advantage of the free chocolate soft serve that seems to be readily available at every all-you-can-eat salad bar I’ve ever been to.

This afternoon, after some pretty delicious fish tacos for lunch, and a trip to the DMV (that, lets be honest, Mark took and I did not. DMV = truck stuff = Mark stuff :)), we headed by my parents house to do something very, very important


The NCAA Tournament bracket fill-out is a kind of crude personality experiment in my house –this year, Mark and my dad tried to accurately predict the winners and upsets in the right places (of course, like any true Kansas fan, you have to have Kansas winning the top spot, ROCK CHALK!). My mom filled out hers along with some co-workers and it’s basically a combo of the top seed teams slated to win, along with the local favorites going pretty far. I like to go pretty far out there in terms of planning on some major upsets and picking teams to win for no other reason than because I like them (example: I have Memphis winning until the elite eight because their school colors are Justin Timberlake’s favorite colors, which I of course have crammed in my brain as a remnant of my *Nsync obsession days). Mostly this is because, if Kansas doesn’t win, I don’t much care who does – unless its Missouri. Never Missouri, lol.

Now that we’re home safe and sound (*sacrasm alert*) the only thing left on the agenda for this not-busy-but-productive day is to give this darling princess a bath, as she should be getting a haircut tomorrow (assuming I remember to get my parent’s dog grooming kit, lol)


(PS: HUGE thanks to Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers for this post pointing me in the direction of this site, which is entirely responsible for the adorable captioning above 😀 – if you’re getting started blogging, you should check out the rest of the series she did, which I found super helpful!)

Penny isn’t the worst with baths, but they’re not her favorite thing, so I’m looking forward to a long night of wet-dog smell and ending up at least 90% soaked. But its okay – the things we do for the people dogs we love, right?


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