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Not Quitting My Day Job

on March 21, 2013


What’d all you lovely people out there do this morning? As you can see, things got a little…hairy around the Outlaw house this morning! Penny, our 11 pound dog, recently topped the scales at about 111 pounds of fur, and with the first official day of spring behind us, the girl was entirely due for a new ‘do (man I am killing the word play today, lol).


That’s the girl about half way through the grooming process, when I switched from scissors to the razor. It was also the first of many cookie breaks our girl got this morning. We usually take Penny to our friend Rachael, who is a professional groomer, but Rach is pregnant and swamped at work and the last thing she needed was another client on her daily list πŸ˜‰ So out came the home kit – we use this one, which we borrowed from my parents and they bought online.

An hour later, a million sneezes, and one squirmy puppy, we wee left with our adorable little girl in all her skinny-assed glory


She’s so adorable! Sometimes I forget just how much so when she’s covered in all that silly fur πŸ˜› I won’t say its been the most stress free morning – Penny isn’t the greatest at getting her hair cut, especially where noisy razors are involved. And sometimes, with her being so small, and both Mark and I trying to get her to stay still, things can become really stressful. She needs the haircut but I do try to keep it being a totally scarring experience for her!

But now that that’s done – with a few hours to spare before work, no less, lol – I’m settling in with a double dose of two of my favorite things


Disney and white chocolate mocha! I’ve had Disney on the brain all morning (may have something to do with all the runDisney pictures I looked at for the last post) so it seemed like the prefect time to break out the souvenir of the last family trip to Disneyland. Mark and I will be headed in to work before too long, but I’m super excited because tonight will be my first ever legit recipe on the blog! πŸ˜€ Be sure to check back in!

Where was your last vacation? What’s your favorite souvenir?


2 responses to “Not Quitting My Day Job

  1. The Honorable Monica Brown says:

    I miss her. So cute.

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