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Runs I Want to Run: Dream Races (Marathon/Half-Marathon Edition)

on March 21, 2013

So…Yeah, this whole marathon/half-marathon thing is still quite a ways away, mileage wise, but it’s never to early to plan, right! I’d LOVE to hear from those of you out there who have run these races – nothing wrong with a little living vicariously, right? Most of these races are on the list because they’re in gorgeous places that I think would be TOTALLY worth the cost/effort of the race, but there are a couple (and I’m sure you’ll know which) that I want to run because, well, who wouldn’t?

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5.) The Big Sur International Marathon is “a spectacular road race set along one of the most breath-taking courses in the world. Runner’s World magazine named Big Sur as one of the country’s top three marathons behind Boston and New York.  It was also designated as the “best destination marathon” and most scenic marathon”. Quite a bit of my mom’s family lives in California, and I just think that 26.2 miles along the California coast would be so worth it. Plus, you know, it’s a super hilly course so HELLO BEYONCE BOOTY!

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4.) The Virgin London Marathon would combine two of my amazing life goals: knocking off one of the marathons on this list, and traveling to the home of Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and Harry Potter 😛 It seems like it would be almost impossible to get a spot, but what with running along the Thames and right past Big Ben (imagine it!) it’s really no wonder why so many people are on board!

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3.) The Tinkerbell Half Marathon Weekend takes place in Disneyland and would definitely be the West coast race I’d want to run for the Coast to Coast Challenge, something that is definitely one of those “bucket list” things I’d love to do in my life! Of all the Disneyland races, this one just appeals to me the most, mostly because I feel like it provides the best chance for some pretty stellar costume opportunities!

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2.) The Honolulu Marathon isn’t one here because of the views. Well, I mean, come on. It’s on here for the views – how could it not be? IT’S A RACE IN HAWAII. But also because I’ve always found Peloponnesian culture to be INCREDIBLY interesting, so I’d love to take this chance to not only run the race, but do some hiking, go to an authentic luau, and just take in the culture. Kind of like with London, this would allow me to knock two pretty major life goals off the list!

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1.) Without a doubt, the half marathon I look forward to running the most, the race that I would run tomorrow if I could, timing and money wise – skill level be damned! – and the race I hope to run many times, God willing, is the Disney Princess Half Marathon. In case you can’t tell, this and the Tinkerbell Half are the races I want to run because Disney is in my blood. You Disney fans out there know what I mean! Not only would the costumes be totally adorable (proof above) but I just can’t think of a better theme to spend 26.2 miles in – Disney always seem to just do everything better!


2 responses to “Runs I Want to Run: Dream Races (Marathon/Half-Marathon Edition)

  1. The Honorable Monica Brown says:

    Costumes are cool but it IS kinda weird to see middle aged women dressed up as Disney princesses so I say knock that one out before you’re 30

    • Chelsea says:

      I don’t think its THAT weird! But I can also see a little where you’re coming from. You should start running and train to run it with me, lol!

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