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Enemies to Greatness

on March 22, 2013

Guys. Guys. For real? I have just found possibly the best sweet potato dish known to mankind (other than the Thanksgiving casserole kind with the pecans and marshmallows…mmm…) Anyway, you know Mark and I LOVE us some sweet potatoes in this house, so I was stoked when I found this in the January/February issue of Food Network Magazine


Let me tell you guys – this behemoth was too much for even me to handle


I couldn’t even wait to take the photo before I had a bite! Mark and I definitely agree that this meal will be added into the regular rotation, and the beef/sweet potato mash stuff would be SO. DELICIOUS. in a taco or even with some eggs for breakfast. The only subs Mark and I made were to use Pace Picante instead of pico because, well, what we had and we also left out the cumin because Mark is allergic! Seriously, guys. If you’re ever looking for something totally filling with a great savory/sweet combo, this is the meal for you!


Who doesn’t wasn’t a picture of my hummus snack plate? Honestly? 😛 I was listening to Jillian Michaels’ podcast this afternoon and she was talking about things we allow to become our enemies to greatness – the things that we allow to hold us back. And I thought: what are my enemies to being great?

Fear, especially of injury

I want to be kind to my body while still asking it to preform at a high level. And while I do all the things I can do to keep myself out off the line of injury, because I’ve had knee problems in the past, I often fear I’m going to push to hard. And I need to overcome this fear because being consistently afraid, when you’ve done all you can to prepare, will only hold you at giving 99% and not 100%.

Needing my own opinion to be enough

Like a lot of people, I’m my own worst critic. I admit that. However, that’s not really what I’m taking about. I’m talking about my need to be externally validated and told I’m doing well by other people. Even when I believe I’m doing well, I often seek to have that feeling confirmed by others. Its a horrible mindset, and I need to work on my own opinion being enough.

Social anxiety

This one may be hard to believe, but I feel VERY uncomfortable entering new social situations, especially when I won’t know anyone there. I’m not anti-social, nor am I terribly shy. But when the thought of entering a brand new activity by myself comes up, I suddenly feel very panicky. Embarrassment? Fear of being awkward? Who knows. But clearly life will be full of situations and opportunities just like this, and I refuse to NOT take them on head first.

Past possibilities

This isn’t regret. I don’t believe in living life with regrets. What this means is spending time thinking about the choices you could have made, as opposed to the ones you did. You get so bogged down with trying to think of all the things that could have been, if you made different decisions, that you miss what’s happening now that you’ve decided.

These aren’t all the enemies I have, but these are the ones that sprang to mind the quickest. Here’s to 2013 being the year I go toe-to-toe with as many of these enemies as possible!

What’s your best/fave sweet potato dish? What are some of your enemies to greatness?


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