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Oh, Kosama

on March 23, 2013


Guess what I did this morning? 🙂


I dragged my sorry, Zumba sore butt out of bed at the crack of dawn (okay, it was like 8:00am) this morning for a date with those bad boy kettlebells. As I’ve been talking about ad naseum, my friend/classmate Ashley invited me to come to “try a friend week” at Kosama, a local studio specializing in full-body toning using circuit-style training and toning tools ranging from kettlebells (obvs) to TRX suspension trainers and good, old-fashioned body weight training.

Let me tell you, this baby was tough! I got to the studio about ten minutes early to sign a waiver and get all the stuff I needed for class set up and ready to go! After that was done, I waited for Ashley to arrive and we got a few minutes to play catch-up before the class started! While waiting for Ashley, I managed to snag a few more pictures



And, since she was given fair warning that this would turn up here on the blog, here’s the lady responsible for all this madness to begin with!


The class started off with a dynamic warm up and some stretching before launching us in to a full kettlebell routine – TONS of lunges and squats, and all my old-school weight lifting favorites, like dead lifts, cross-chest bicep curls, chest presses, and tricep kickbacks. We would alternate one lower-body intensive moves with upper-body, a minute each. There was one water break, but honestly, the instructor did a great job making it clear that if at any point in time we needed a break and a drink, we were more than welcome to take some. The best thing, though, was finding some new moves that I’m super excited to incorporate in to my own gym time – kettlebell hot potato, wave squats, figure eights, and three-way lunges! 😀

LET ME TELL YOU – OH MY GOODNESS MY LEGS. It was killer! Seriously, I feel like as soon as my back was screaming from dead lifts my legs were screaming LOUDER because, here we go! More lunges. I was warned by a couple of friends in the area who also attend Kosama that a loss of mobility may be expected (exact quote: “I couldn’t walk for a week”) so I can’t say I’m entirely surprised, but still. That doesn’t keep me from feeling it now!

It really was a great workout, and I’m so glad that both Ashley and I ended up showing up! We both admitted that we considered sleeping in, but couldn’t not show with the other one coming (alert: this is why its awesome to have a workout buddy). Now that I’m home and sore, the only thing I can think about is some massive breakfast. Bacon, anyone?

PS: For those who care, that outfit I’m wearing above is one of the ones I mentioned getting at Wal-Mart yesterday!


As you can tell, I went a little crazy for the spring colors (also, the lighting in my bathroom is atrocious. Sorry about that!)


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