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This is my Life

on March 23, 2013


Welcome to spring, y’all! So much for getting those beautiful outdoor spring runs started soon. We’re forecasted to get, like 9 inches or something crazy between tonight and tomorrow. And to think – this week was spring break at the local high schools!


Today this beautiful mom-to-be came over in the afternoon after Mark went to work. But wait, you ask – what did I have for lunch, you ask? What delicious morsel did I choose post-workout?


God bless the Hy-Vee across the street for its affordable and totally last minute Chinese food buffet. Veggie fried rice, black pepper chicken and one scrumptious crab rangoon 😀 Anyway, after lunch Rachael came over for some perfectly relaxed lounging and TV watching. Her pregnancy has been wearing her out lately, so I haven’t seen her nearly as much as I would like recently, but I sure do love her (and can’t wait for the little bean to get here!)

Given the current weather conditions, safe to say my plans for the rest of the night include a lot of staying inside to read! Mark and I cooked up a round off this soul warmer


which is from the January/February Food Network magazine. It was SPICY but that could have had something to do with the fact that I dumped about a million pounds of chipotle tobasco on it. The quinoa was a prefect base, and since I just chopped and cooked a couple chicken breasts instead, I made sure it was good and blackened! With a side baguette, it wad the BEST THING EVER to send Mark back to work with a full belly 🙂


That’s all for tonight, my pretties. If you’re one of my fellow snow-getters, stay warm and safe! otherwise, make sure to enjoy spring double on my behalf 🙂




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