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Check these stunner shades

on March 27, 2013


Hello, all! This afternoon has been quite a wonderful Birthday Celebration Part Two, complete with, you guessed it, more cake!

Lunch was basically this delicious snack plate


because I knew before too long we’d be feasting on some mighty delicious Italian food!


We started off at Olive Garden by splitting the fried calamari, which is some of the best I’ve ever had from a chain restaurant.


Second course was a salad. But really I was just saving room for


The herb and olive oil grilled salmon with a side of lemon asparagus (that’s only half – I had them box up the second half right away because I knew I’d want it later tonight!) Mark had the whole wheat linguini with spicy shrimp in cream sauce. Mmmmm

A little chocolate


and a quick picture (OMG the squinting!)


And then it was back to Mark’s parents house for their birthday dessert!


We decided to head out to Lawrence for the night to go see some friends we haven’t seen in quite some time.



If you look really hard at that last picture you can see my college dorms along the horizon toward the right side 🙂

Our friend John has recently fallen on some hard times, getting let go from his job and having internet issues (a problem in his Web centered life, lol). So in a double whammy effort to make him feel better and get a huge amount if cake out of our house, we threw him a “sorry your life sucks, hope it gets better” party


Now the boys are doing computer stuff


and I’m taking to you fine folks! We’ll head home before too long, since Mark has to work tomorrow – and I kind of can’t wait to have the second half of my salmon!

Do you follow any of the “how to eat out” diet tips? What’s your college town like?


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