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Just Call Me Paula Deen

on March 27, 2013

Hello, blog lovelies! Did you miss me yesterday? I missed you guys. There was just TOO much going on yesterday, what with the official celebration of Mark’s birthday (with the Brown side of the family – the Outlaw side will be celebrating in a more low-key fashion this evening) and all!

The day started off relatively normally – a trip to the gym dressed like Rainbow Brite


a new book to read while running my miles


a stop by the gas station for a little post-workout nosh.


Then the day got SUPER FUN, though, because I was put in charge of making the dessert for the night’s party, and that means I got to break out my copy of Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible. The recipes in that book are about 10,000,000,000 calories apiece, so I really only feel justified making them on special occasions, but that’s what last night was so




May I present Paula’s triple layer red velvet cake with bourbon cream cheese icing. 😀 Yes, it is crooked. No, I don’t give two figs. Because it was delicious. As you can tell by the picture – it’s already been about half devoured.

The love of my life turned the big 2-5, meaning he’s officially half way to being old 😉 In celebration of this, my parents, our friends Alex and Rachael, and Mark and I all went out to Tanner’s, a local bar and grill, for tacos and nachos, none of which I got a picture of because ambient lighting in a sports bar does not make for attractive pictures. After tacos and the obscene amount of cake, it was time for presents! Mark got quite a few new workout outfits, but I couldn’t get him to fashion-show them for me, so I imagine they’ll be popping up on the blog in a more…organic fashion later on, and I’ll try to remember pointing them out when they do. But there WAS one gift (that may or may not have been given by his totally awesome and knowledgeable wife) he was more than happy to take a picture with


It’s kind of hard to tell, but he’s hold the second season of Game of Thrones on blue-ray, and he’s super excited about it! Game of Thrones is one of our favorite shows, and one of the shows we actually consider worth the cost of paying to own on blue ray, so adding this one to our collection was a total score! Of course, no birthday celebration would be complete without a midnight trip to the store for one of life’s greatest necessities


Black cherry flavored water > other flavored waters.

We’re doing a late lunch/early dinner with the Outlaw family tonight, and rumor has it we’re going to the Olive Garden, which is AMAZING. But also, you know, the Olive Garden. It’s been a pretty “tough” week as far as staying on diet and all that, but I’m just trying to be as good as possible, picking the least of all the evils on the menu and making a plan for when I can eat as best as possible. Like this morning!


A big ole’ bowl of oatmeal with some Fiber One cereal, a Stevia packet, and lots and lots of cinnamon. And, just to keep things interesting


a couple of chopped dried dates. 😀 See you on the flip side!

Confession: I’ve never eaten a date before this morning. Any other suggestions for yummy ways to eat them?


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