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So much for spring!

on March 30, 2013

Looks like we’re back to gray, rainy days here in Kansas – even more sad after that little preview of spring!



Mark and I are house sitting this weekend for my parents, who went to see my grandparents. Hence the awesome deck/back yard. Last night Mark and I were craving something sweet (what else is new) and REALLY wanted some of our favorite Costco chocolate and sea salt covered caramels, but who wants to drive? Or pay like 9$ a pound? Hence a little home ingenuity 🙂


Let me tell you, they were SO. GOOD. And for, like 1/116th the price. I simply used a frying pan to smoosh the caramels flat, dipped 5 caramels in 2 Tbsp dark chocolate chips, and sprinkled sea salt on them. Pop them in the fridge to set, and BAM!! So worth it. 😀 Mark’s heading in to work soon, and I’m super exited to hit up the gym right after that because today I’ve decided to hit up the pool! I haven’t done a pool workout in FOREVER, so any suggestions/ideas anyone has would be totally welcome. I’ll check back in later to let you guys know how it goes! That pesky IT band I’d giving me trouble again, so I’m hoping that taking it no-impact for a bit might be just the ticket.


Getting to hang out with these two all morning is definitely the best part of Mark working later. 🙂 What’s your favorite part of the day?


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