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Things I thought while swimming

on March 30, 2013

1.) So much for my whole “if you don’t sweat it doesn’t count” philosophy! There wasn’t any sweating, but this one DEFINITELY counted.

2.) Do certain smells ever remind you less of a specific person and more a general feeling? The smell of rain in the air will always remind me of waking home after early season softball games and feeling …is it cheesy to say infinite? Probably, but there you have it!

3.) After a while your legs go numb, and then the difference between 25 minutes and 45 minutes is really kind of whatever.

4.) They should paint guidelines for the ceiling for when you’re doing the back stroke. Because those pool lane dividers CAN scratch up your elbows!

5.) I veer left in the lane, but am right handed. Odd?

6.) I miss my California family, which is odd because I don’t miss them often, but especially some of my cousins.

7.) No wonder Michael Phelps eats like 12,000 calories a day.

8.) If mermaids were a real thing, would they be nice like The Little Mermaid in the movie, or mean, like little underwater harpies?

9.) I need to re-watch the movie Fresh, because money is tight and its good for a reminder as to why its important to buy organic when we can.

10.) When I get out of the pool, and gravity is a thing again, am I going to be able to stand up?

45 minutes in the pool with only your thoughts sure does lead to one crazy mental meandering! But it felt GREAT to swim (gotta love a high calorie burning but sweat free workout!) and I spent the whole 45 minutes doing sets of 1×50 backstroke followed by two 2×50 freestyle rounds, which was a time-flying combo. With that done, I’m enjoying one of these


because Mark is getting fed at work and thus we won’t be eating together until a mini dinner way later tonight – on the menu is baked mahi mahi and roasted potatoes! I hope you all have a lovely Easter/Passover/relaxing Sunday!!


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