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Trouble giving compliments?

So, as is no surprise, part of the reason for this blog is to chronicle my adventures with weight loss. Which means, shockingly enough, I have some weight to lose πŸ˜‰ And, despite the frustrations of the other week, things in that vein are going well! But the thing I’ve been noticing lately is that people are having a hard time complementing me on said progress.

Wow! Something about that doesn’t sound right, does it? Lol. Let me explain! This past week I had coworkers on multiple occasions come up to me and compliment me on my weight loss. Which feels AMAZING πŸ™‚ but each one of them also told me they hoped I wasn’t offended by the implication that I had weight to lose. As though I might be insulted at the very nice thing they’re saying.


I don’t know. This doesn’t make any sense to me for a few reasons:

A.) Fat people tend to know they’re fat

B.) If you’re saying something nice, why worry?

Perhaps there is a vital life experience that I’m missing that makes this hard for me to understand, but let me just say that, for me, I’ll never have a problem with someone telling me something nice meant to lift me up. I think far too often we’re afraid that if we say something nice (“you’re hair looks nice today!”) we’re also implying something negative (“although your hair normally looks like shit”) but I think that’s OUR insecurities as the one giving the compliment!

I don’t know. I’ve never been offended by a compliment – not one delivered and meant kindly. But that’s just me. Maybe you can shed some light?

Do you feel odd complimenting others? Have you ever been offended by a compliment someone gave you sincerely?


Sunday Funday


It’s just been one of those days.


Finally a run outside

Store about the lack of pictures yesterday! I was NOT feeling very well, so it was time to pull some heavy hitters out of the draft folder πŸ˜‰

Hope you guys are getting your weekend off to an awesome start – things here are shaping up to be rather quiet and rainy. But were forecasted for fun, sun, and 80Β° weather next week, so fingers crossed! Either way, I think winter has finally broken, and Wednesday I went out for my first short-sleeved, no-jacket run of the spring!


It was GLORIOUS even if I was a full minute shower than my average pace and did sweat about a million times more than I have been during my outdoor workouts. Just means that summer is right around the corner, for better or worse!

Mark and I were planning in heading back to the market again today, but when we woke up the rain was pouring and puddles were full 😦 So much for that. Instead, I’ll just share this picture of Mark’s wonderful, wife-made afternoon snack from yesterday


Parmesan and garlic kale chips? He thoroughly enjoyed πŸ˜€

Has spring/summer hit where you live yet? Favorite summer activity?


Remembering why I love yoga

I can’t believe I forgot to write this post!

A few evenings ago, with Mark at work and lacking the energy to do my traditional booty-busting, I noticed they were offering a stress-relief yoga class that I could TOTALLY fit into my schedule and I was PUMPED!!

When I was younger, in junior high most predominantly, I loved yoga as a way to increase my flexibility and self esteem. I never became serious in my practice, but I would love the DVDs I did and the classes I went to, and I can just always remember leaving yoga class and feeling this “ahh” moment of just being, well, relaxed. At peace, at least physically. So I don’t know why I don’t go to classes anymore, but after hitting up this class last minute, I’ll definitely be going for more!

It was a 55 minute class and we started with some sun salutations, some floor work, and warm up breathing before we moved into the more intense “meat” of the workout.

We combined a flow series of downward dog to plank to cobra to down dog in between balance poses, some slight inversions, and a cycle of warrior/triangle variations. But the best part was by far moving to the floor for deep stretches like pigeon pose and the runners lunge that WHOO DOGGIE put some stretch in those hip flexors!

I think that was my biggest take away from the class – there are muscles in there that I didn’t know I had, and they need stretching on the regs. One thing is for sure – hopefully you’ll be seeing lots more yoga related nonsense on the blog in the future!

Yoga fan? Pilates? Barre?


Is it worth it?

The other day hubby and I were just hanging out in the office, browsing the internet and working on various thingamajigs when he ran across this article on Yahoo about just how much exercise it takes to burn off various junk foods and fast foods.


Some of the biggest shockers for me? Two hours of Zumba to burn off that bad boy blooming onion, and over an hour of lap swimming to burn off one of those delicious soft pretzels a la the mall. Dayum!! It was a little odd to me that the article picked some kind of arbitrary comparisons to make – sure, it would take you 7,000 situps to burn off a Snickers or whatever, but why would you only do it in situps?- but the point remains that sometimes we’re not aware of the true reality food has for our bodies!

What was even more shocking to me personally was the fact that I have eaten a great many foods on this list before with no second thought, and definitely without the accompanying exercise. I mean, sometimes there are things that come along that kind of slap you in the face and remind you where you’ve come from, and this was one of those things for me. So it was kind of nice to see that a lot of the foods on this list don’t hold the same temptation power over me that they once did. Then there are things like the six pack of Oreos that you can burn off in a few miles of waking. Sign me up!

Any foods that you’d rather just not know about, nutritionally? Favorite way to burn of those treats?


Spring days in a college town


I don’t know if you guys have ever heard me talk about it, but I REALLY love the town I went to college in. I loved the college I went to, of course, but I may have loved the town more πŸ˜‰

Which is why Mark and I roll out to Lawrence almost any time we’ve got a spare afternoon (its only about 40 minutes, and it is Mark’s college town, too). We’ve still got a bunch of friends who live there, and the downtown is full of great shopping and eating. Which, of course, we did.


Another fun fact for you – Kansas makes damn good barbecue. And some of the best if it comes from Biemer’s Barbecue in Lawrence πŸ™‚ That’s the smoked turkey sandwich with their house made honey barbecue sauce…mmmm…There were also some fries that didn’t get pictured because they were, you know, inhaled.

After dinner we went to our friends Zach and Johns’ apartment to sit on the balcony and listen to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Basically the best spring evening to date this year πŸ™‚ We briefly discussed going out for hookah, another Lawrence tradition, but funds are tight and we decided we’d rather just sir and enjoy some whiskey sours and the finally beautiful spring evening


Great spring activities? Local culinary rockstars?


House cleaning conquered

Yeah, that’s right. I’m pretty sure yesterday was one of the more productive around-the-house days I’ve had in a whileΒ 


Couple that with a totally clean kitchen and dishes for days, and I have to say its making me feel much more, you know, at peace mentally. I fully agree with those people who say that your surroundings shape your thoughts, so this clean felt good on a multiple of levels. πŸ™‚

What doesn’t feel so good is having a sick puppy in the house



She most likely got ahold of something not so great in my parents yard a few nights ago, because she’s was super thirsty and getting sick all day yesterday. The vet said to just keep an eye her, so that’s what we’re doing, but still. No bueno 😦

We decided to celebrate the end of Mark’s weekend with a trip to Lawrence, which always means good food and friendly chats, so you can definitely look forward to that this afternoon πŸ™‚

Least favorite house chore? Are you one of those people who cleans for sanity?


Cajun food is THE. BOMB. DOT. COM


That, my friends, was just the beginning of the epic food celebration that was last night. Because I’m a horrible person, I got no pictures of people. But I got pictures of the amazing food. And that’s enough.

One of my favorite local restaurants is expensive a bit of a drive, so we don’t go very often, but when we do? Jazz, A Louisiana Kitchen is all. about. the Cajun food. And not only that, they’re all about the Mardi Gras and the whole “pieces of flare”/Applebees/local college bar decorating scheme of “lets nail a bunch of Christmas lights and band posters all over the wall” but it’s charming and the food makes it all worth it. We got to the restaurant after some pre-dinner cocktails at my parent’s house and while others immediately started in on the bread basket and garlic butter, I waited patiently for my bread to come – golden and fried πŸ™‚ I’m a hushpuppy girl (as opposed to a coleslaw boy, like Mark) and I devoured at least half of the plate above by the time my entree arrived. On the menu?


One giant plate of smothered chicken a la mer. Yeah, you read that right. Smothered. A dieter’s least favorite word. But you want to know how many rats asses I gave? Not a single one. Because it was glorious – fried chicken on a bed of dirty rice smothered in heavy cream seafood sauce – krab and shrimp and the Cajun Trifecta (onions, celery, carrot) and, well, there are no words. There is only

Rachael Ray shows us how to fake a foodgasm like a pro.

I realize that the timing of this dinner is a bit…unfortunate, given that is the week I’m working on really reigning in my diet to try and “fix” my plateau, but sometimes its more important to just live life as it arises and my parents invited us out, so there you go. I’m never one to look a free-dinner gift horse in the mouth, and it’s a long life. You can’t live your life depriving yourself all the time, because that’s not life. It’s a suckfest. It just so happened that my non-deprivation took a rather sharp upward curve this time! Plus, I walked out of there with enough left over to make good lunch/dinner for tomorrow.

After dinner, we went back to my parents house for a bit of a wind-down chat (we were contemplating dessert, but that lasted all of about five seconds we were all so full) before Mark and I had to call it a night and head back home – I’m in the home stretch of the semester for school, and there were a number of smaller assignments I was able to knock out tonight, as well as some major progress on a larger group project πŸ˜€ All in all, a completely productive and ultimately delicious day.

Your cheat foods? What gives you your foodgasm face?


What is my hair doing now?!


I mean, come on! What IS that!? That’s what I get for taking super sweat pictures of myself before taking the time to fix my headband first. And for, you know, posting pictures of myself on the interwebs πŸ˜‰ PHOTO BOMB: can you see Mark in the background? I’m not even sure he knew this was being taken. I’m not sure he’d approve, to be honest. He gets weird about my rampant photo taking in public. And, real quick, before we get off the subject of my absolutely horrendous bang-halo, I’d like to show you guys my favorite favorite FAVORITE possession in the whole world:


Okay, so this is my favorite for many reasons: I’ve had it forever. It’s polka dot, which I always flip my lid over. And it’s got those little teeth that really dig in to your hair. I have to be honest, I’d love to have a million of those bright and shiny BIC Bands, but that’s just not a thing that’s going to be happening any time soon, financially. So I pick up a whole bunch of these cheap, brightly colored, clearly-intended-for-children headbands available in any local Wal-Mart/Target/Hy-Vee type place, and those work find. They leave me with that nasty headband line, but what can you do?

In keeping with my efforts to lighten up at the gym this week, I kept to the elliptical for a short 30 minutes (not including cool-down and picture taking time, obviously). I got in just over a mile and a half of “hill intervals” and it was SO. %*(%*#(. HARD.


Probably because of the fact that my legs are DEAD after Julie’s No-Nonsense Circuit that I did on Monday! Seriously, I got up yesterday morning, took three steps to the bathroom and, if I hadn’t had to pee so bad, I would have turned right back around.

But it was a run day for Mark, and I wasn’t going to notΒ go with him on his day off, so I found the happy medium. I’m pretty sure it was that damn squat-jump squat-lunge combo of Julie’s that really did me in, but I have to take my own responsibility for not foam rolling like I should have – my knees and quads, at least. I’ve been trying to roll out my butt/calves daily, and it hurts and it sucks, but really I’m just being whiny.

Anywho, after the gym we ran by HyVee to pick up stuff to make salads at home, but that really just turned in to us getting the HyVee salad bar because they just put out watermelon with their fruit, and they had the chicken I wanted already cooked and cut up and ready to cover with spinach, so there you go! Then again, I don’t take my phone in if we’re not planning on eating/buying anything interesting, and since no phone equals no pictures, let’s imagine the salad looked a bit like this (even though this is a picture of a salad I ate at Jason’s Deli, like, months ago).


While normally after a workout I’m in the mood for something a bit more beefy than a salad (sometimes quite literally), yesterday was a special occasion, as we had plans to go out with my parents for Cajun food. And I can GET. DOWN. on some Cajun food. So stay tuned for some pretty epic food pictures. You’ve been warned. πŸ™‚


A trip down nostalgia lane

So, my dear friend Charlotte talked today about one of her favorite 90s movies – some flick called Ladybugs starring Rodney Dangerfield – that had recently resurfaced in pop culture (she explains more here). And while I’ve never seen Ladybugs, I immediately started thinking of some of the movies I can remember watching so many times I wore out theΒ  VHS. Or my mother’s sanity. Or both. And I decided to plan the perfect, ultimate nostalgia-fest of 90s movies that I’m proud to present to you today:


1.) A Walk to Remember: Are you under the age of, say, 25? Do you have a vagina? Then you’ve most likely seen this movie, perhaps an obscene number of times. For those of you who missed the true beginning of the Nicholas Sparks novel-turned-movie industry, let me sum up: sweet, Christian Jamie meets bad-boy Landon and, in the progress of helping him through the school play, teaches him a number of things: love, respect, compassion, to look beneath the surface – and how to rip out the hearts of preteens everywhere and then jump up and down on them. Because this movie WRECKED. ME. And I still watch it any time I need a good cry. Plus, for those of you who missed all of Shane West’s 30 seconds of fame – he’s a cutie. Respect.


2.) Troop Beverly Hills: OH. MY. GOODNESS. PLEASE tell me you’ve seen this movie?! “It’s khaki wishes and cookie dreams!” Sorry, I forgot just how much I loved this movie until I sat down to write this post. Shelley Long, with all of her adorable red hair, decides to take over her daughter’s girl scout troop (they’re not girl scouts, but they basically are) but the twist is – these are all Beverly Hills girls! So while they’re getting merit badges in things like shopping and personal hygiene, the time comes when they must face the true wilderness. And it’s hilarious, and full of family bonding and life lessons. Just like all good movies from the 90s are. Plus – THOSE CLOTHES!


3.)Β Titanic: I mean, I only saw this movie approximate 899,349,834 times in the $1 theater down the street from my house. Once with my mom, and we thought we were the only ones in the theater and so we were quoting the movie and belting right along with Celine Dion…and it turns out we weren’t the only one in the theater. Sorry to those people, but they totally got more than their $1 worth of entertainment. Plus, this is the first movie I can remember watching that had boobies in it. When we saw it as a family and I sat next to my dad….mortified.


2.) Now and Then: This is one of the few movies I can remember seeing with only one member of my family: my grandma. She took me one day when she was watching me, even though it was PG13 and I was only, like, nine or some such thing. And to be honest, there was a lot of this movie I didn’t “get” until I turned 13 and it took up permanent residence in the DVD player in my room. And man do I love Demi Moore. And Christina Ricci. I’m just saying. If you’ve never seen this movie, the younger actresses play the older actresses when they’re, well, younger. And they’re all friends living these non-cookie cutter lives in this totally cookie cutter suburb – there’s sex, the Vietname war, a few seances, and a really young Devon Sawa…. πŸ™‚


1.) Father of the Bride: I was tempted to not even put a title on this one. Because if you don’t know this movie, I don’t know if we can be friends. I’m a huge Steve Martin fan, just in general, but I honestly don’t know if I can think of a better role he’s had than as George Banks (and yes, I love the second one just as much, so you don’t even need to ask). Plus, talk about a movie that gives me ALL THE FEELS. MOAR WEEPING.

Your 90’s favorites (or 80’s favorites, if that’s how you roll)? Movies that make you cry? Guilty pleasure films?