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Yeah, its Monday again

on April 1, 2013

Hey, y’all! Hope you guys all had an amazing Easter weekend! Mark and I stayed around KC to house sit for my parents (who were in Arkansas visiting my grandparents and my cousin Christina before she leaves for the Air Force National Guard in a week or so). It was a bit of a bummer not being able to go say goodbye to Christina – we’re really close in age and were really, really close growing up – but it’s always fun to get to play a bit of house, and someone has to look after our golden retriever Lucy, after all 🙂

Mark and I had a very chill Easter! We didn’t do…well, anything, really, as Mark had to work. What’s a bigger bummer is that he pulled an early shift, which meant we really didn’t even have time to get to church, which is actually the first Easter in quite some time that I haven’t gotten to be with family and go to church (not to mention the first Easter where I didn’t actually get any candy!). It was a weird feeling, having the day for me seem so much like any other day when, really, it was a holiday and a pretty meaningful one at that. It was great to live vicariously through all of you out there, though, and I just have to say – everyone looked very precious in their new Easter dresses. Also, looking at all you adorable mommas out there holding those Easter-dressed babies made me sure want one pretty dang bad! But, you know, all things in their time, I suppose!

This week, in addition to finally being what I consider the real onset of spring temperatures (fingers crossed!), is also the last weekend my class meets in person. The way my school works, we’re all online for our homework and discussions, and twice a semester we meet in person to have a weekend of lecture, project presentations, etc. This coming up weekend is the last one for this semester, and we meet 6:00-9:00 Friday night and then 9:00-5:00 Saturday. AKA ALL day. So this week will basically be who’ll work getting caught up and ready on reading, group projects, etc. But I am hoping to get something resembling the following knocked out:

Monday: Group Power class (done!); 3 mile run

Tuesday: Zumba class

Wednesday: Group Power class; 3 mile run

Thursday: Pilates class; 30 minute swim

Friday: Group Power class

Saturday: 4 mile run

Sunday: Yoga Power class

We’ll see!Mark just whipped us up some lunch, so now I have this to enjoy while getting caught up on my blogs


Mmm, French toast and Chia seeds 🙂 Happy Monday!


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