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Working for the weekend

on April 2, 2013

So, it’s Saturday!

Just kidding! Kind of. It’s not a late April Fools joke or anything (although, for all of you out there who did the whole April Fools Day prank thing – congrats. I most likely fell for it. Because I ALWAYS. DO.) but today is Mark and I’s Saturday! We work for the weekend, and baby, the weekend is finally here! And what a thrilling one it will be – a trip to the vet, Zumba, and sadly no walk because it just got too dang cold again here in Kansas 😦

I was so tired last night when I got home from work that I couldn’t even hop online with you guys. It took literally all the energy I had to come home and make Mark and I some hotdogs and Annie’s mac and cheese (are you paying attention to the total lack of energy? Hence the standard meal served yet again for dinner). I pulled one of these things as soon as the water was on to boil

And I didn’t get back up until Mark came home to take care of the rest of dinner (which was only about 20 minutes, but still). I don’t know why I was so tired, but I’m guessing that the almost-hour I did on the elliptical didn’t help matters much. First it was supposed to be a run, but after Group Power I just WAS. NOT. feeling it. So I knew it would be better to do something rather than nothing, so on to the elliptical it was. Again, it was only supposed to be for 30 minutes, but I really wanted to finish up the episode of Biggest Loser I was watching (season eight, one of my favorites – the one with Shay and Tracy and all the delicious drama) and bobs-your-uncle the next thing you know I was still on that baby 50 minutes later. My legs were dead, but it felt really good – like, really sweaty good.

And today is Zumba! EEK! As you guys have no doubt noticed, I love Zumba with a million tons of little chocolate hearts. So much so that I won’t talk to you guys about it much in this post because I’m sure it just, like, too much.

But it’s going to make a great start to the “weekend”, that’s for sure. But I do have one little niggle about it, one little qualm – I kind of feel bad leaving Mark. I mean, there is no way I’d ask him to come to Zumba with me (or that he’d come, even if I did ask) but I also know he’s not a huge fan of the gym and it can be tough to get him up there…and I know it help when he has me to work out with. So I don’t know. Maybe I’ll go to Zumba and then come pick up Mark when I’m done and we’ll work out together? Or maybe I’ll just leave him to his own devices because, well, that’s been quid pro quo so far and he hasn’t actually said anything about it…Ah, the loving issues of a gym-bound married couple, amirite?

We’ve also got an appointment today to take Penny to the vet, and while she’s just going for her normal round of boosters, that means shots, and as I think a lot of mommies to human babies might attest, it can be tough watching your little one get shots any day. On top of that, Penny has been limping on and off a lot lately, which is most likely due to the hip dysplasia she’s had her whole life, but I’m going to see if it’s causing her, like, pain she’s not indicating and whether or not there is anything I can do about it.

Have you guys noticed the uptake in GIFs today and the down-swing in pictures? Because my sill phone is still charging, and it’s our alarm clock, and Mark isn’t awake. The things we do for love, right? Sorry it has to be you that suffers 😉

I’ll be back later, my loves, but until then – check out this beautiful photo essay called The Battle We Didn’t Choose, where one man documents his wife’s diagnosis, treatment, and eventual loss to breast cancer. It made my whole morning seem much more, well, precious. Cherishable. Outlaw, out!


One response to “Working for the weekend

  1. The Honorable Monica Brown says:

    I saw that photo essay last week. I couldn’t believe she died. Was not expecting that. It was soooo touching and I couldn’t stop looking at it 😦

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