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A bit of a rough one

on April 4, 2013

Man, no lie – today was a bit rough!

One of those days that dawns beautifully, but soon those dominoes start falling and the next thing you know its been WAY too long a day. :/

Mark and I found out this afternoon that, for some reason, our monthly truck payment charged twice. Now, don’t get me wrong, Mark and I make enough income to live a blessed life and we don’t suffer for necessities. But we’re also still in that stage of our life where we live paycheck to paycheck.

So something like this is made doubly stressful because so much of that double charged payment was already allocated for elsewhere. And when we spoke to the truck financing people, they basically said we’re SOL until the payment charges, at which point they can reverse it. Which is of course great, but doesn’t help us in the immediate moment.

Luckily, Mark and I are also blessed enough to have a great support system, so we’ve found a temporary solution to the problem. But I made the unfortunate decision to let my stress effect my planning for the gym, and I went to work out on an empty stomach (dundundun).

Fast forward to 6:45 when Mark comes home for dinner and I’m literally getting sick in the bathroom. Because I exercised my stress away (which I was at least successful in accomplishing) with a 3 mile run, a 30 minute ab set, and 45 minutes on the elliptical…back to back…on an empty stomach…

It was a recipe for disaster that only happened because I let my stress overshadow my planning… A lesion learned, right? Something about not planning and planning to fail…

At least one good thing happened to me today! I finally find my favorite running leggings I was convinced were lost – they were simply taking a little vacay in the trunk of my car!


I also think my blood sugar is finally starting to stabilize now that I’ve had the food my body needs (plus a bowl of cereal, lol) which is awesome, because feeling shaky sick is the worst.

Lesson. Learned.


2 responses to “A bit of a rough one

  1. charlotte says:

    Financial stresses are the worst! Good for you for still making it to the gym- esp on an empty stomach!

    • Chelsea says:

      No joke – sometimes I just wish money was not a thing. Maybe we could just go back to bartering, or giving hugs or something

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