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It tasted like butt…

on April 5, 2013

Greetings and salutations, everyone! Hopefully its as beautiful a day where you live, because let me tell you, is a gorgeous day here! Other than the fact that I have class in a few hours, of course 😉


Having a giant mixing-bowl sized salad for lunch probably has more than a bit to do with how awesome today has been so far. Cajun shrimp, romaine hearts, corn, peppers, and some chipotle ranch dressing. Its okay. You can be jealous.

I was determined to not repeat yesterdays blood sugar crash, so after a boring looking (hence no photo) egg sandwich, I headed to the gym for Zumba! About 45 minutes into class I cut out to meet Mark to do some running upstairs. I knocked out another three miles and felt strong and well-fueled


And then, the one downer part of the day


So, after more back to back cardio, I wanted to try some coconut water because I’d heard about how good it can be for rehydration. But here’s the kicker it tasted like butt (now you see where that title came from, lol). I really hated it. A lot. Maybe it was the brand? But I doubt it. Tell me I’m not the only one hopping off the coconut water train?

I’ve got class from six to nine tonight, so the verdict is still out on dinner, but it will most likely be something five ingredients or less and wrapped in a tortilla. Because that’s how we do it up big Outlaw style 🙂

PS: Loving all the Friday Favorite posts out there! With having a different schedule for our weekend, sometimes it can be tricky remembering when the “real” weekend rolls around! In other words: happy Friday!!!


2 responses to “It tasted like butt…

  1. charlotte says:

    hahaha omg i hate coconut water too! best. analogy. ever.

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