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Kim Kardashian’s crying face makes everything better

on April 5, 2013

Now just imagine me wanting to do that in a room full of fellow students, but unable to because, you know, embarrassed.

That’s how hard it is for me to sit in class for four hours at a time. With a break every hour and a half or so. And the real kicker? Tomorrow’s going to be, literally, twice as long.

And here’s the thing – the biggest problem right now is that I’m STARVING. But I don’t really think I’m hungry. I’ve eaten what I need to eat today, still have calories “left” for dinner, and feel like I’ve made good choices in terms of keeping my body full. I think the thing is that willpower is a muscle, and boredom, for me, is like strapping a 25lb. kettlebell onto said determination and making it do squat jump/burpee combo. And it’s tough because I try to pay attention. And I can usually hang in there for a good hour or two. But this is four hours. And tomorrow will be eight. Combine that with the fact that, previously, this is an environment that’s been a high-snacking one for me. Not just because I’m bored, but because I feel trapped in one location, and both of those feelings are ones that I usually eat my way through (or have in the past).

So what do you do? I mean, in this case, I don’t really have a choice – I ate my snack, and have no money for the vending machine. But, then again, I could surely borrow a dollar or two from a classmate and go snickers crazy. So why don’t I?

I just don’t. It’s hard to describe when it’s not a “ten steps to avoiding temptation” kind of scenario. I don’t have tips beyond this one: just don’t. Think about it all you want; bitch and moan in your own head for as long as you need to. But sack up and make the choice to be healthy. It’s basically cold turkey, and it’s hard. But, as Oprah once said (I think it was Oprah?) “nothing tastes as good as being thin feels”. Which may or may not be true. But I can tell you this – winning out over your own mind does feel a hell of a lot better than two Diet Cokes and a Reese’s.

Sorry, guys. This doesn’t make the most sense. But I’m 30 minutes away from being done for this sitting and my brain has liquified.

PS: I’m talking about the hunger that isn’t arising from lack of eating, poor nutrition, etc. Listen to your body, and if you’re really hungry, then eat. But sometimes your body will say hunger when it means “play with me” and you need to tell the difference!

… this post was far too rambly. Let’s wrap it up with some of Kim Kardashian’s best crying faces, which never fail to keep me entertained!

man, that’s priceless.


2 responses to “Kim Kardashian’s crying face makes everything better

  1. charlotte says:

    LOL it doesnt matter how many times you see it, her crying face will never stop being funny

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