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Just a Wee Bit of Inspiration

on April 6, 2013

Good morning, folks! As sitting in class for the rest of today promises to be basically the most boring thing ever, I thought I’d make myself feel better by talking all about the things I love – running, blogs, and most specifically running blogs :D. Most of these blogs I found close to a year ago, and since then have been doing that super-attractive internet creep that entails reading what they have to say without ever actually, you know, leaving a comment or communicating in any way.

However, some of them are more recent finds and remind me how varied the running community is, and how awesome so many of us are! So, without further babbling ado, I give you the amazing ladies that have been my inspirations and heroes on my journey to healthier living!

tina-cncTina from Carrots n’ Cake is a Crossfitting beast, whose daily iced coffee adventures and adorable pug, Murphy, keep my tuning in day after day. Tina offers great insight in to everything from what Crossfit has done to her to body to advice on dining out. I love seeing pictures of Murphy popping up every day, and it’s always cool to catch the inside scoop on some of the amazing opportunities Tina has!






41 Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers is another adorable blogger with another adorable blog – this time a silly pup named Sadie! Julie lives in Ocala and recently got some great news about being a personal trainer. In fact, one of the greatest parts of Julie’s blog, other than the killer workouts she posts, is that she’s a NASM certified personal trainer and offers great advice on those who are also interested in becoming trainers one day. Needless to say, I find this very intriguing, indeed 😀




IMG_5358-800x533Monica from Run, Eat, Repeat is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. She’s a “Monican”, a red-headed Mexican who blogs from southern California. Not only is she out there kicking butt at running both half and full marathons, but she’s another personal trainer role model who has answers to my questions. Above all that, though, is her amazing wit that jives.





lobsterKaren is the Runner Girl Eats, and like Monica, this blog absolutely cracks me up! Another Florida blogger, Karen is a more recent blog find for me, but I’m so glad I ended up stumbling across this little gem of awesomeness! The recipes are amazing, the WTF?! Wednesday entries she does cracks me up WITHOUT. FAIL., and, last but certainly not least, she’s great about balancing posts on running with posts about her life – something that can be hard to do!





dsc0536Mary at minutes per mile is another new blog find, and Mary’s blog actually just turned a year old recently (congrats!), and already the thing that pops in to my mind is “the furniture girl” – Mary loves taking time to celebrate the amazing furniture/other fun finds she comes across on the street when she’s running through her home of DC. Seeing as how I’m also a big fan of escapism, I also have to give Mary props for being one of the main blogs I read to cure my running envy – as a DC resident, some pretty notable places tend to pop up in Mary’s every day runs. Which would be AMAZEBALLS. But, you know, Kansas has its stuff too. I guess. 😛






P1010889-copy-300x238Charlotte at Commitness to Fitness is basically by long lost blogging sister. Primarily because she makes me laugh so hard a little bit of pee comes out. Also because, like me, she seems resoundingly devoted to the appropriate but obsequious use of GIFs at every available opportunity. She’s a fairly new blogger, like myself, so we’ve got that in common, but I would dare to begrudingly say that she’s way funnier than I am, in addition to providing helpful diet/life advice. Le sigh, I shall simply continue to include her on lists like this and reading every blog post she publishes!




Last but not least, this blogger probably shouldn’t surprise you. Remember when I heard from her and basically had a heart attack? That’s because, without a doubt, my number one favorite blog that I read is….*drumroll*…..


IMG_4765Janae at Hungry Runner Girl is a role model, a blogging superstar, and all-around kick butt runner, mom (to adorable baby Brooke) and wife (to law student hubby Billy). Addicted to candy and, recently, pool running, Janae has a day-to-day style that flows and really makes one feel like part of the family! A little awkward, a lot funny, she posts great pictures and manages to talk about everything from the beauty of Costco food to tips and tricks on staying in a healthy mindset! I really do love checking in every day to see what Janae has going on, and I just hope she keeps blogging for years and years to come!


5 responses to “Just a Wee Bit of Inspiration

  1. charlotte says:

    OMG this is my first time in a line up!! Thank you long lost blogging sister!! I’m obsessed with you and your blog and will obviously continue to read it religiously. Have a great weekend!

  2. What a huge compliment! Thanks so much for reading and sharing these other blogs — I actually read most of your other favorites, too 🙂

  3. Runner Girl Eats says:

    Aw thanks, sweet thang! Glad you found my lil ol’ blog 🙂

  4. asklotta says:

    Great blog recommendations!…Always looking for fun/hilarious (healthy inspirations) for keeping “living” a great option!

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