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A long run to end a long day

on April 7, 2013

You guys know what my yesterday was – the morning, anyway! So let’s recap Saturday from lunch on, shall we? Because at lunch, this happened


that Applebee’s skinny margarita sure did taste good alongside their mushroom chicken without the mushrooms (because fungi = gross)


Believe it or not, there is a chicken breast under all those beautiful looking onions! While normally I don’t make it a habit of drinking on days that I work/have class, sometimes a girl has to play dirty to get through a long, LONG day. And anyone who thinks that sitting and listening to other people present things isn’t a long day, they’ve clearly never had to do it before.

After class, I headed over to my parents house to watch the Wichita State v. Louisville game. Wichita State did a truly great job, and gave Louisville more of a run for their money than I counted on them busting out! But then the jump ball thing happened at the end of the game and…alas. Cinderella’s carriage was a pumpkin once again. 😦

Wichita State Jump Ball Controversy (Animated GIF)


So the game ended, I was sad, and my plans to head to the gym soon after were thwarted when, upon double checking the time my gym closed, I learned that they close at 8:00 on Saturday and Sunday!


So off for a run it was! I was originally going to run my normal route, but that travels down some kind of back roads and it was already dark at the time…homie don’t play that. So then the plan became to run about a mile or two out, then turn around. Then I decided I didn’t want to have to do an out and back – I wanted new scenery. And, you know, I was feeling great, so I was going to keep running for as long as my legs felt strong and I didn’t feel like my lungs were going to explode.



That’s right, world! I ran FIVE FREAKING MILES. That’s two miles farther than I’ve ever run in one consecutive go in my WHOLE. LIFE. That’s awesome! I mean, it’s not a marathon or anything, but it still felt pretty damn amazing. 😀

Rocky steps

Yeah, you know that feeling. Plus, I raised 12 meals for the World Food Programme through Charity Miles – that’s always a bit of a cool feeling! Plus, last night was gorgeous – not too cold, but with a good wind that kept me feeling not too sweaty through the whole run. I even managed to catch all but two of the crosswalks, so I didn’t even have to stop all that many times – always a good thing!

Clearly the only thing that could have topped off such an awesome day was splitting a totally badass dessert with my handsome guy. Enter Julie




What’s your best post-great-run treat? Food, or something else?


5 responses to “A long run to end a long day

  1. Monica says:

    Wow. Congrats Chels. 5 miles is awesome.

  2. charlotte says:

    Congrats on 5 miles!! I dream of the day I’ll be able to do that. Currently I start approaching death around the 3 mile mark or so.

    • Chelsea says:

      Oh, girl. The way my legs felt the next day, I think almost doubling my mileage might not have been the best idea, lol! It’ll be back to my usual 3.1 miles for at least a little while longer!

  3. […] – just this last week when, out of nowhere, I hit five miles on a night run around town. Talk about an endorphin […]

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