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A Parisian morning

on April 9, 2013

Good early afternoon, everyone! How was your yesterday? Things around here were fine, just a nice day, a trip to the gym, finishing a book and as little internet as possible! Sometimes you just need a day to unplug, you know? The past few days or so have been gray, warm, and rainy, so its been lovely to sit with the windows open and listen… It really does my heart about a million times better to have spring finally here 🙂


I know, that’s a horrible picture. I promised you I wouldn’t disappoint, right 😉 anyway, that is a lateral elliptical, and for the last few weeks I’ve been staring at them from my last-row treadmill trying to decide whether it’d help me strengthen my knee or whether or not it’d tear it to shreds. But when Mark and I went to the gym yesterday, I wasn’t in the mood to do, well, much of anything, so I thought I’d go ahead and give it a go!


And it killed! It was basically torture on my booty (it had, like, three “booster” modes on the selection screen and I turned on the “GluteMax” one and then giggled at the name every time I looked at the screen) and didn’t cause me any more knee pain than my usual time on the elliptical (read: not really sore at all!). It definitely took some time to adjust to, but I think that it’s a machine I’ll be getting more familiar with in the near future!

After the gym the rest of the day was spent reading, eating lunch, and then heading in to work for a closing shift! I haven’t been working many hours lately, but the rumor mill at work has it that some of our staff may be heading other places soon, so that may change. I’d miss some of the people who are rumored to be leaving, but we sure could use the hours (three cheers for being a one-income household!)

I’m still trying to make up my mind as to what’s on today’s gym schedule – it was supposed to be Zumba, but I don’t really know if I can muster the energy today (*GASP!*) so it may be the treadmill and I and a little Modern Family! Either way, immediately to follow me hitting publish will be a big ole’ mug of coffee and a little Norah Jones Pandora!


What’s your best rainy weather music? Any machines at the gym you find too…odd to actually use?


2 responses to “A Parisian morning

  1. charlotte says:

    Lol “glutemax”! Every single arm-lifting contraption at the gym (aka anything that’s not free weights) looks like a torture device to me. like, when it comes to some of them i don’t even know if I’m supposed to sit or kneel or stand, much less which direction to start pushing or pulling. i tend to avoid those entirely.

    • Chelsea says:

      NO JOKE. The worst is when I decide to “be brave” and use them anyway and then I spend, like, ten minutes looking at the little diagram before walking away embarrassed to do, like, a million minutes on the elliptical. story of my life.

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