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Let’s have a random Wednesday

on April 10, 2013

I’m a huge fan of lists! So let’s do this afternoon’s Wednesday randomness in list form, shall we?

1.) Living in Kansas gets sucky-hard sometimes. Sure, there are the majority of times when our award-winning basketball teams do something cute.

But then there are the times that our lovely legislature almost decides to quarantine AIDS patients (IN 2013), to pass one of the strictest abortion laws in the country, and, of course, we get regular glimpses of these people

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love my state. Just not when it does stuff like this.

2.) THIS

3.) I’ve been feeling oddly…stuck lately. This seems like kind of a funny place to discuss this, but I guess in a post dedicated to the random. I feel as though Mark and I are just, well, biding time in our life because while we DO have plans, our plans are also time sensitive in that some of the biggest parts of the plan (buying a house, kids, more dogs, etc.) rely on things that only time can bring to pass (my graduation, Mark reaching the time at work where he’s promotion-eligible) so it’s not as though things now are bad. Or that I’m unhappy with them in any way. But it’s harder not to want, you know, the more that I know is out there and WILL be my reality one day. Does that make sense? No?

4.) A sampling of things overheard at my gym today:

“Functioning alcoholics are okay. But winos are just not.”

“Why don’t they make, like, bigger dumbbells?” (while standing with her back to an entire rack of dumbbells/kettleweights)

This wasn’t something I heard, but I watched as one child at another child’s (a friend? sibling?) yogurt as the mom’s gossiped over coffee. And he at it quickly enough that I watched the whole thing go down while Mark was in the bathroom. Poor kid.

5.) After all that sadness in point #1, how about a little of this, just because

6.) Yeah, I’m one of those grammar-Nazi people. I actually got in to a…discussion about this at work with a fellow employee I don’t care for co-worker. She said she hated it when people interrupted her to correct her grammar. I said I hated when people butchered their native language. Discussion over.

7.) Sometimes the universe just has your back, you know? Like, on that day that you come home from the gym and the hubby has an e-date with his man friends to kill internet wizarding creatures, and its raining and you want to watch a movie and your turn on your cable and find this playing


which is just so incredibly awesome in so many ways.

8.) Because I can’t think of two more, and besides, like Charlotte explained, who really needs the last top two of any top ten? Also, because Friends is the tops

Hope your Wednesday is just as fabulous, if less dance-y and with more Technicolor!


2 responses to “Let’s have a random Wednesday

  1. charlotte says:

    hahahah I’m loving the friends gifs! And that dancing basketball team is super cute! And the baby with puppies! Man you nailed it with the gifs/pics today.

    I totally know what you mean about feeling like you’re in a holding pattern- sometimes life just takes patience. Enjoy today while you work towards tomorrow, that’s what I often tell myself.

    • Chelsea says:

      Thanks, girl. My brain was just not having the words, so I think the entire internet is luckily the whole post wasn’t just one long collection of all the amazing Friends gifs that exist on the internet.
      I like that motto! I think I’m going to have to steal it, as long as that’s not overtly creepy with you. In which case, I will do so anyway while denying it to your face lol

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