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Its been a Tina Fey morning

on April 11, 2013


I woke up and our milk was bad. And we’re out of yogurt. Eggs sound like blah and I’m too low on oatmeal. This is the kind of morning its been.

But we’ve got gas in our car to go to the store, heat in our house to come home to (BECAUSE ITS STILL FREEZING HERE) and a working stove to cook said food on.

Its 11am, I haven’t eaten, the morning seems long and everything is blerg. But still blessed. Sometimes that’s the bitch of life, isn’t it? Blerg but blessed.



One response to “Its been a Tina Fey morning

  1. charlotte says:

    hahaha ohh such is life. the best thing to do about that type of morning is write a funny post about it. mission accomplished

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