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How about a survey

on April 12, 2013

I saw this fun running-themed survey popping up over at Tina’s blog this morning, and thought it seemed like just the thing for a Friday morning!

Best run ever

Easy – just this last week when, out of nowhere, I hit five miles on a night run around town. Talk about an endorphin rush 🙂

Three words that describe my running

Spastic, music-driven, improving 🙂

Phoebe running

Go-to running outfit

I post unflattering pics of my workout attire WAY more often than I should, so you’ll have examples. Sufficeto say it mostly comes from Target in REALLY bright colors 🙂



Quirky habit while running

I stick my tongue out while I run all the time! Also while I cook. Or study.

Morning, Mid-day, or Evening

Either morning or evening, but none of this heat of the day, middle of the afternoon stuff.

I won’t run outside when it’s…..

tim tebow running rain

Tim looks way better running in the rain than I do! I tend to fall, like, an exponential amount. Plus I hate being cold and wet more than anything.

Worst injury – and how I got over it

Definitely lingering knee issues left over from when I was in junior high. It made it hard to get into running until I found the desire to do it and get fitted for shoes and all that jazz…

I felt most like a badass mother runner when

I picked up this bad boy during a run in the rain about a year ago. So there’s that… 🙂

Potential running goal for 2013

To get my 5K pace to a 10:00/mile, as well as running at least two or three races, money allowing!

Next Race is…

The Rave Run in Kansas City on May 17th! This also just so happens to be my first race, so I’m double pumped!


2 responses to “How about a survey

  1. You know, its embarrassing seeing how I live in boston- land of the runners- and all, but i’ve never entered a race. So congrats on entering your first one!! You’re inspiring to me to do one too!

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