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Saturday adventures at Costco

on April 13, 2013


So, today didn’t exactly dawn the brightest, but things are warming up now and – tada! – the Costco shopping is done πŸ™‚


Originally Mark and I weren’t going to be able to fit both Costco and the gym into his pre-work morning, but when we arrived at our gym we remembered that today is their seventh anniversary/open house. Which is awesome for the gym! But Mark and I aren’t necessarily big-crowd-forced-merriment people, so off to Costco it was!


This was a huge restocking trip for us, since its been a while since our last trip to the motherland. I’ll do a post on our Costco staples sometime soon, but for today lets get a glimpse at some of the more eclectic choices


Why yes. That its a bucket of nacho cheese sauce the size of a child. And no, we didn’t buy it. But it made the top of my “things that make you say waaaaaht” list today,Β  that’s for sure.


These, however, absolutely did come home with us today. Normally I’m not a crunchy granola bar kind of person, but apple cobbler? For less than 160 calories for two? Yes, please. πŸ™‚ flavor review pending!

Last but not least, just for fun, this bag of clementines


Approximately the size of my face πŸ™‚

What adventures does your Saturday hold in store?


2 responses to “Saturday adventures at Costco

  1. Charlotte says:

    Yum those apple cobbler granola bars look good! Looks like a very productive weekend! Lets see, yesterday Eric and I got caught up in all the boston marathon weekend festivities, aka some day drinking, thai food for dinner, then we watched happy endings on demand, asleep by 10:)

    • Chelsea says:

      Lol. sounds like basically the best weekend marathon ever πŸ™‚ and dude – I would bathe in those bars if I didn’t think it could potentially be quite painful. SO good πŸ™‚

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