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Kim Kardashian is at it again

on April 17, 2013


This is what I kept myself entertained with during my run today. It was still surprisingly emotional for me to run this morning, all things considered, but I also know that life and hope marches on. So I distracted myself with the cray-cray antics of Kimmy Kardashian who is now, apparently, gaining a shit ton of weight in order to get paid big when she takes it all off post-baby. Which is disgusting, unhealthy, and I hope not true. That being said, I can think of worse things to get paid for πŸ˜›


After my run it was home for breakfast and some good ole’ foot icing, which sucked a surprisingly large amount. My right heel has been niggling at me and I’m thinking it might be low grade plantar fasciitis? In my clearly expert medical opinion fastidious WebMD-ing. So I’m trying to just show my feet and calves some extra love and take it easy.


Tonight we’re off to my parents house for dinner, so extra score for not having to cook tonight!

What do you do to keep yourself gym-ertained (see what I did there?) What non-career thing would you love to get paid to do?


2 responses to “Kim Kardashian is at it again

  1. Charlotte says:

    My gym-ertainment (awesome new word, btw) is music. i need a good playlist and then i just get lost in the music:) Have a great time at dinner tonight!

    • Chelsea says:

      Sometimes I wonder if there is an actual career in making up words. If so, I think I’d be tops at it! And YES. MUSIC. I’ve skipped the gym before because I didn’t have my music. No shame πŸ™‚

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