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Because its Friday

on April 19, 2013



Mark and I saw some pretty yard things out and about on our run today, but because I didn’t remember to photograph them, how about some pretty stuff from my mom’s yard instead? 🙂

Because its Friday and I love him and its been a while since I got him something just because, Mark and I will be snack-feasting on a few of his favorites tonight



But don’t tell him, because its still a surprise 😉 And lest you think I went selflessly without treats today, never fear. I got mine



Mark and I are house-sitting this weekend, which basically just means slowly conquering our Laundry Mountain and resisting things like this in the pantry




Wish me luck!

Your Friday plans? What’s your go-to “treat yo self” gift?


3 responses to “Because its Friday

  1. Monica says:

    Omg, mom and dad and their freaking Oreos. Gross. Those don’t even tempt me.

  2. Monica says:

    I will eat the shit outta those biscuits though 🙂

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