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The most wonderful day of the year

on April 20, 2013

Okay, okay. Maybe not. Its no Christmas. Or pretzel day. But today was Mark and I’s first trip to the farmers market this year! Which is basically vegetable Christmas.



As you guys may or may not have gathered, agricultural justice and sustainability are kind of big things for me. My hot-button issues, if you will. And the farmers market is awesome because I don’t have to worry as much about what was grown how and harvested when – and any questions I do have can be addressed by the farmer who grew it!

Basically I just think the farmers market is super awesome, super affordable, and I would almost guarantee you have one within a reasonable traveling distance right at this moment.

So what did we come home with? For $15 we came home with


Yukon red potatoes, chives, green beans, bell peppers (green and red), green onions, kale, spinach, and some sweet potatoes 😀 not to mention an emu bone for Penny. Not a bad start to a Saturday!

What’s on your weekend agenda? Are you a farmers market fan?


2 responses to “The most wonderful day of the year

  1. Monica says:

    WOW, lucky. Our market doesn’t open until late next month

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