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Getting a bit frustrated

on April 22, 2013

That darn scale!


As you guys probably know, part of the reason I started this blog, in addition to wanting a platform for funny GIF sharing, was to document my weight loss journey. And right now that journey seems to have stalled :/

For the last couple of weeks or so I’ve just been lingering around the 180 mark. And PLEASE don’t misunderstand me – I couldn’t be more proud to finally be at that number! Its my high school weight, its the over halfway mark for my total weight loss, and it feels great! Or, it did when I first got there a few weeks ago. Now I’m afraid I’m just stagnating.

I’m thinkimg there are a couple of things it could be. Could be not getting enough calories. Or working out too much without refueling properly. Or it could be none of the above. So, because I’m too poor to pay someone (a trainer or nutritionist) to figure it out for me, I’m starting the tedious process of figuring it out on my own.

I think this week I’m going to lighten up at the gym, not going twice a day and taking it easier when I do go. I’m also going to be making sure I hit my markers diet wise, no matter what. And if that’s not it? Then I suppose its back to the drawing board.

Whatever the issue, I’m trying hard to stay in a positive mindset about all this – a diet situation that would have driven me to a place of low self opinion a few months ago. Mostly because I can acknowledge that getting to where I’ve got is a big accomplishment that I’m really, really proud of. But also because complaining about body weight when, you know, real problems happen in the world every day makes me, personally, feel very “first world problems”.


Please tell me someone out there feels me on this one?

Happy Monday! How’s your week starting out?


3 responses to “Getting a bit frustrated

  1. Charlotte says:

    the “like” button doesnt even cover my enthusiasm for this post, i need a “love” or a “helllls yeah” button. story of my life. its sooo frustrating! i dont even have any advice because i too am just as stumped as you when that plateau happens, all i can say is YES I FEEL YOUR PAIN. (however, awesome job on your high school weight!!)

    • Chelsea says:

      Don’t you wish they could make some of those buttons? If even settle for a “love” and a “dislike”, lol. and IKNORITE. I feel like I’m running some kind of high school science experiment, only on myself. Results pending 🙂

  2. […] talked last week about feeling the frustration with this bit of a plateau I’ve been in lately. I’ve gotten that scale down to 180, but […]

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