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Reality check in 2.62 miles

on April 22, 2013

As you may have noticed, I was feeling a bit down on myself in my last post. I try not to let it happen, but every now and then I think we all hop on board that Negative Nancy train. And when that happens, we need a reality check. My reality check came today during my 2.62 mile run for Boston.

I didn’t want to be running. My heart wanted to join runners across the country as we remember and run for Boston. But my legs and mind were dead. I started my workout with Julie’s killer circuit workout


which was an ass kicking, let me tell you! And then it was on to the treadmill?! *gulp*

A mile in and I was dying. A mile and a half and I was bargaining. By just under two, I had reached acceptance. Because I just kept thinking of all those people who worked way harder than I was to reach Boston, and then had that finishing pride taken from them. Kept thinking of all those who may never be able to run again, or who may never feel safe joining another race. Kept thinking of those Boston citizens celebrating in the streets and the amazing blog posts of support and Instagram pictures celebrating running and Boston and the helpers.


Reality check: your life, and your success, isn’t defined by a number, or a finish line, or a speed. Be grateful.

Message: received 🙂

Did you do 2.62 miles today? Any big events coming up later this week?


2 responses to “Reality check in 2.62 miles

  1. So, when i run i normally do it on a treadmill but on sunday i did it outside because it was actually kind of nice out, and my legs are still SO sore. what the what? running is running, isnt it? apparently not. i didnt even get 2.62 miles (which, although hard, i can pull through on a treadmill) i got like 1.8 miles on the pavement. arg! i will just have to try again tomorrow 🙂

    • Chelsea says:

      Dude, I TOTALLY feel you on the running outside is like running in a time warp thing. It’s like I’m Superman on the treadmill but on the pavement I turn in to the Incredible Hulk’s brother who is incredibly slow at running. And I say try again tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow – every run is a testament to how amazing you are – and to how amazing Boston is too, I suppose 😉

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