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A trip down nostalgia lane

on April 23, 2013

So, my dear friend Charlotte talked today about one of her favorite 90s movies – some flick called Ladybugs starring Rodney Dangerfield – that had recently resurfaced in pop culture (she explains more here). And while I’ve never seen Ladybugs, I immediately started thinking of some of the movies I can remember watching so many times I wore out the  VHS. Or my mother’s sanity. Or both. And I decided to plan the perfect, ultimate nostalgia-fest of 90s movies that I’m proud to present to you today:


1.) A Walk to Remember: Are you under the age of, say, 25? Do you have a vagina? Then you’ve most likely seen this movie, perhaps an obscene number of times. For those of you who missed the true beginning of the Nicholas Sparks novel-turned-movie industry, let me sum up: sweet, Christian Jamie meets bad-boy Landon and, in the progress of helping him through the school play, teaches him a number of things: love, respect, compassion, to look beneath the surface – and how to rip out the hearts of preteens everywhere and then jump up and down on them. Because this movie WRECKED. ME. And I still watch it any time I need a good cry. Plus, for those of you who missed all of Shane West’s 30 seconds of fame – he’s a cutie. Respect.


2.) Troop Beverly Hills: OH. MY. GOODNESS. PLEASE tell me you’ve seen this movie?! “It’s khaki wishes and cookie dreams!” Sorry, I forgot just how much I loved this movie until I sat down to write this post. Shelley Long, with all of her adorable red hair, decides to take over her daughter’s girl scout troop (they’re not girl scouts, but they basically are) but the twist is – these are all Beverly Hills girls! So while they’re getting merit badges in things like shopping and personal hygiene, the time comes when they must face the true wilderness. And it’s hilarious, and full of family bonding and life lessons. Just like all good movies from the 90s are. Plus – THOSE CLOTHES!


3.) Titanic: I mean, I only saw this movie approximate 899,349,834 times in the $1 theater down the street from my house. Once with my mom, and we thought we were the only ones in the theater and so we were quoting the movie and belting right along with Celine Dion…and it turns out we weren’t the only one in the theater. Sorry to those people, but they totally got more than their $1 worth of entertainment. Plus, this is the first movie I can remember watching that had boobies in it. When we saw it as a family and I sat next to my dad….mortified.


2.) Now and Then: This is one of the few movies I can remember seeing with only one member of my family: my grandma. She took me one day when she was watching me, even though it was PG13 and I was only, like, nine or some such thing. And to be honest, there was a lot of this movie I didn’t “get” until I turned 13 and it took up permanent residence in the DVD player in my room. And man do I love Demi Moore. And Christina Ricci. I’m just saying. If you’ve never seen this movie, the younger actresses play the older actresses when they’re, well, younger. And they’re all friends living these non-cookie cutter lives in this totally cookie cutter suburb – there’s sex, the Vietname war, a few seances, and a really young Devon Sawa…. 🙂


1.) Father of the Bride: I was tempted to not even put a title on this one. Because if you don’t know this movie, I don’t know if we can be friends. I’m a huge Steve Martin fan, just in general, but I honestly don’t know if I can think of a better role he’s had than as George Banks (and yes, I love the second one just as much, so you don’t even need to ask). Plus, talk about a movie that gives me ALL THE FEELS. MOAR WEEPING.

Your 90’s favorites (or 80’s favorites, if that’s how you roll)? Movies that make you cry? Guilty pleasure films?


5 responses to “A trip down nostalgia lane

  1. Charlotte says:

    Hold the phone i need to recompose myself after just getting lost in a whirlwind of giddy nostalgia. this is the best list!!! i need to go re-watch all these movies- and omg now and then- awesome call!!

    • Chelsea says:

      I LOVE that movie. I think it may have given me some interesting viewpoints on lady-friendship as I was growing up. And my sister reminded me – I forgot Mrs. Doubtfire! The horror!

  2. […] was so psyched to see Chelsea’s post last week on movies you must re-watch from the 90s (awesome list) and it got me thinking about the […]

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