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Cajun food is THE. BOMB. DOT. COM

on April 24, 2013


That, my friends, was just the beginning of the epic food celebration that was last night. Because I’m a horrible person, I got no pictures of people. But I got pictures of the amazing food. And that’s enough.

One of my favorite local restaurants is expensive a bit of a drive, so we don’t go very often, but when we do? Jazz, A Louisiana Kitchen is all. about. the Cajun food. And not only that, they’re all about the Mardi Gras and the whole “pieces of flare”/Applebees/local college bar decorating scheme of “lets nail a bunch of Christmas lights and band posters all over the wall” but it’s charming and the food makes it all worth it. We got to the restaurant after some pre-dinner cocktails at my parent’s house and while others immediately started in on the bread basket and garlic butter, I waited patiently for my bread to come – golden and fried 🙂 I’m a hushpuppy girl (as opposed to a coleslaw boy, like Mark) and I devoured at least half of the plate above by the time my entree arrived. On the menu?


One giant plate of smothered chicken a la mer. Yeah, you read that right. Smothered. A dieter’s least favorite word. But you want to know how many rats asses I gave? Not a single one. Because it was glorious – fried chicken on a bed of dirty rice smothered in heavy cream seafood sauce – krab and shrimp and the Cajun Trifecta (onions, celery, carrot) and, well, there are no words. There is only

Rachael Ray shows us how to fake a foodgasm like a pro.

I realize that the timing of this dinner is a bit…unfortunate, given that is the week I’m working on really reigning in my diet to try and “fix” my plateau, but sometimes its more important to just live life as it arises and my parents invited us out, so there you go. I’m never one to look a free-dinner gift horse in the mouth, and it’s a long life. You can’t live your life depriving yourself all the time, because that’s not life. It’s a suckfest. It just so happened that my non-deprivation took a rather sharp upward curve this time! Plus, I walked out of there with enough left over to make good lunch/dinner for tomorrow.

After dinner, we went back to my parents house for a bit of a wind-down chat (we were contemplating dessert, but that lasted all of about five seconds we were all so full) before Mark and I had to call it a night and head back home – I’m in the home stretch of the semester for school, and there were a number of smaller assignments I was able to knock out tonight, as well as some major progress on a larger group project 😀 All in all, a completely productive and ultimately delicious day.

Your cheat foods? What gives you your foodgasm face?


4 responses to “Cajun food is THE. BOMB. DOT. COM

  1. Monica says:

    I love jazz!!

  2. holy. freaking. moly. yes please. i need to find a good cajun restaurant in boston stat!!!

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