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Spring days in a college town

on April 25, 2013


I don’t know if you guys have ever heard me talk about it, but I REALLY love the town I went to college in. I loved the college I went to, of course, but I may have loved the town more 😉

Which is why Mark and I roll out to Lawrence almost any time we’ve got a spare afternoon (its only about 40 minutes, and it is Mark’s college town, too). We’ve still got a bunch of friends who live there, and the downtown is full of great shopping and eating. Which, of course, we did.


Another fun fact for you – Kansas makes damn good barbecue. And some of the best if it comes from Biemer’s Barbecue in Lawrence 🙂 That’s the smoked turkey sandwich with their house made honey barbecue sauce…mmmm…There were also some fries that didn’t get pictured because they were, you know, inhaled.

After dinner we went to our friends Zach and Johns’ apartment to sit on the balcony and listen to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Basically the best spring evening to date this year 🙂 We briefly discussed going out for hookah, another Lawrence tradition, but funds are tight and we decided we’d rather just sir and enjoy some whiskey sours and the finally beautiful spring evening


Great spring activities? Local culinary rockstars?


2 responses to “Spring days in a college town

  1. Oh man, how do you drink whiskey? eric LOVES it, i just- i cant- i cant do it. what i CAN do though is bbq and that sauce looks all kinds of good!!

    • Chelsea says:

      Oh man, it’s the tops. I’m more of a rum girl, usually – hello, mojitos!- but something about whiskey in the spring 🙂 plus Mark loves it too – maybe its a guy thing 😉

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