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Remembering why I love yoga

on April 26, 2013

I can’t believe I forgot to write this post!

A few evenings ago, with Mark at work and lacking the energy to do my traditional booty-busting, I noticed they were offering a stress-relief yoga class that I could TOTALLY fit into my schedule and I was PUMPED!!

When I was younger, in junior high most predominantly, I loved yoga as a way to increase my flexibility and self esteem. I never became serious in my practice, but I would love the DVDs I did and the classes I went to, and I can just always remember leaving yoga class and feeling this “ahh” moment of just being, well, relaxed. At peace, at least physically. So I don’t know why I don’t go to classes anymore, but after hitting up this class last minute, I’ll definitely be going for more!

It was a 55 minute class and we started with some sun salutations, some floor work, and warm up breathing before we moved into the more intense “meat” of the workout.

We combined a flow series of downward dog to plank to cobra to down dog in between balance poses, some slight inversions, and a cycle of warrior/triangle variations. But the best part was by far moving to the floor for deep stretches like pigeon pose and the runners lunge that WHOO DOGGIE put some stretch in those hip flexors!

I think that was my biggest take away from the class – there are muscles in there that I didn’t know I had, and they need stretching on the regs. One thing is for sure – hopefully you’ll be seeing lots more yoga related nonsense on the blog in the future!

Yoga fan? Pilates? Barre?


4 responses to “Remembering why I love yoga

  1. I took a yoga class a few years ago and I really didn’t love the teacher, so after a few months, I stopped going. I do love to do yoga DVDs at home though, and it always feels good to get in a good, relaxing stretch.

    • Chelsea says:

      That’s a bummer! I usually just take whatever classes at my gym fit into my schedule, but I can absolutely see how having a subpar teacher could throw you off!

  2. I gotta get back into yoga. hot yoga specifically- i would always get that “ahh” feeling you mentioned. i’m obsessed with barre obviously, and i always feel great after a class, but nothing really compares to the post-yoga ahh… (hope you dont mind i’m talking in sounds this morning instead of words)

    • Chelsea says:

      I talk in sounds all the time in real life. I’m with you 😉

      I’m still looking for a Barre clad in the area, and hot yoga is on my list of things to try this summer, ironically enough! But I agree – almost nothing beats the yoga “ahhhh” 🙂

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