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Finally a run outside

on April 27, 2013

Store about the lack of pictures yesterday! I was NOT feeling very well, so it was time to pull some heavy hitters out of the draft folder 😉

Hope you guys are getting your weekend off to an awesome start – things here are shaping up to be rather quiet and rainy. But were forecasted for fun, sun, and 80° weather next week, so fingers crossed! Either way, I think winter has finally broken, and Wednesday I went out for my first short-sleeved, no-jacket run of the spring!


It was GLORIOUS even if I was a full minute shower than my average pace and did sweat about a million times more than I have been during my outdoor workouts. Just means that summer is right around the corner, for better or worse!

Mark and I were planning in heading back to the market again today, but when we woke up the rain was pouring and puddles were full 😦 So much for that. Instead, I’ll just share this picture of Mark’s wonderful, wife-made afternoon snack from yesterday


Parmesan and garlic kale chips? He thoroughly enjoyed 😀

Has spring/summer hit where you live yet? Favorite summer activity?


2 responses to “Finally a run outside

  1. Yay you guys are finally getting spring/ summer! We havent seen 80 degrees yet, but for the first time it felt like spring here and not just a warm winter, you know what i mean? Like up until now there’s still been a chill in the air, but i think it’s finally gone. yesterday was 60, but a warm 60. no complaints here:)

    • Chelsea says:

      Warm winter! Yes, I know exactly what you mean – I’ve never known how to describe those kind of days, and I think that’s perfect!

      Of course, what I’m afraid if now is that outlook go from 60°and beautiful to100° and miserable in 4.6 seconds. Does that happen in Boston?

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