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Grilling makes it spring

on May 1, 2013


There are a few dead-giveaway signs that I’m beginning to suffer from Spring Fever, that manic desire to throw the doors and windows open and charge out in to the sunshine, sunscreen be damned (as long as it’s not peak sun hours – safety first!). The first sign is my obsession with all things yellow. Example: random street corner covered in dandelions. Another is my craving for a rummy, minty mojito.

The last sign is that I start to form the opinion that all foods – from steak to chicken to lettuce and tomatoes – taste better grilled outside and if you don’t agree it’s simply because you don’t have taste buds.


Steak, corn on the cob, and a baked potato that looks as though it’s waging global conquest on the rest of my food. Remember that giant bowl of fruit from the last post? It was purchased to take over to my good friend Rachael’s house because she had her hubby Alex asked us over to grill. Which of course I said yest to right away. Once I arrived, Rachael was INSISTING on no pictures, so I shall simply have to supply you with this family portrait we snapped


The night was complete with the aforementioned fruit bowl, plate of grilled goodness, and far too many of these


because Rachael makes the best guacamole of all time. 😀

Needless to say, it was wonderful to see these two, as they are my best friends and he works nights and she’s pregnant, so I haven’t gotten to see them nearly as much lately. The boys always enjoy, you know, grilling and talking about sports and boy things, and Rachael and I are more than happy to catch up on Dance Mom’s and celebrity gossip. They are those people that just make me want to


It doesn’t hurt, of course, that almost every time we go over there we end having a bit of something very similar to


an almost face-sized piece of red velvet cake. And it was worth every. single. calorie. I may or may not have licked the crumbs off the plate (confession: red velvet is pretty much my favorite, short of chocolate).

Who are your run-back-in-the-door-for-a-hug people? Signs that tell you it’s finally spring?


2 responses to “Grilling makes it spring

  1. aww yay for good friends!! sounds like such a fun evening! i agree grilling means its SPRINGTIME. and red velvet cake means its AWESOME TIME.

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