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Go big or go home

on May 6, 2013

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the things I want to do in my life – the goals I have as pertains to fitness, career, family, and all those things that kind of round out a person and who they are. Maybe it’s because I’m starting to see definite progress on my weight loss journey; maybe it’s because I’ve recently been bit by the writing bug again, for the first time in a long time. Who knows. But, for whatever reason, I’ve been dreaming big lately, and who doesn’t need a couple castles in the clouds?

Goggie Gif: Personal Trainer

I’d love to be a personal trainer

The more and more fit I get, and the more blogs I read and the more knowledge I gain about the world of fitness, the more I think I’d really love to help other people like myself reach their physical goals. Not to mention, I’m at the gym multiple hours a day anyway. I’d be awesome to get paid for it. 😉


Add Zumba teacher to that, too

Add to that personal trainers certificate the ability to teach group classes, specifically Zumba and BodyPump! I really credit classes like that with helping me get my groove back (pun intended!) as far as establishing a fitness routine goes. Group classes are fun, invigorating, and can really help turn a “I don’t feel like it” day into an “I’m glad I went” day before you know it! I took a Zumba class in college, and it was basically the best thing I’ve ever got credit for.

I think I’ve got the writing chops.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not Steinbeck or Harper Lee or any such thing, but I’ve considered writing to be my “thing” since I was a little girl and, I think with enough persistence and daily practice, I’ve got the stories inside of me to share that other people may just consider worth reading. Yeah, it would be a pretty big deal to ever make a living off my writing – I know I’m one of legions out there who would love to do just that. But some dreams just have to be really, really big don’t they.


I want a whole pack of rugrats.

I’d love four. Mark isn’t quite there with me, yet, but there’s still plenty of time. 😉 I just think being a mommy is basically some of the best and most important work there can be.


That 8:00/mile is out there.

I see really awesome people out there running it all the time, so it’s not scientifically impossible! And I’m not hating in any way, nor am I down on myself for where I am now, but the bar has been set and I want to get as close to it as I can!

 photo marathoN.gif

Last, but not least. The Big Kahuna.

This would just be…the goal. When it comes to running, I don’t know if I could imagine a bigger goal right now. It just seems like this pinnacle of determination, strength, fitness, and, well, a kind of superhuman devotion to running as a sport. Talk about a mind-blower!

So, what about you?

What’s your castle in the cloud look like? If you could be doing anything other than what you’re doing now, what would it be?


7 responses to “Go big or go home

  1. If I could do something else other than being a nurse, I would be a pilot!.. I have wanted to fly airplanes since I can remember. I flew in so many of them as a military kid, travelling from this country and that country. Then while in the Air Force myself, I became a medivac tech. And, if the pilot would allow, I was able to sit in the cockpit for the takeoffs and landings. It just fueled my passion for that excitement of taking a hold of that steering column and gliding that plane to and from the skies.
    About 10 yrs ago, I started taking private pilot lessons, and got to fly a plane with an instructor. I had 26 hrs in the air, when the gas prices took a huge leap, and the price for the lesson doubled. I never finished the lessons. And, to this day, regretted never picking that up again. I find myself looking up at planes, and wondering what if…
    I still think about pursuing that passion, but the gas prices never really recovered to a reasonable price. So therefor, the lessons are still very expensive.
    I do know, you are never too old to do what you want to do, as long as you are capable, physically and mentally. So who knows? It might still be in my stars and future accomplishments I can add to my lifes list of wonderful things I’ve done! 🙂

  2. megbek says:

    I love that you’re dreaming and setting goals! Group classes definitely make working out fun and doable on days when working out doesn’t seem to be in the forecast. Also, I can totally relate to your desire to be more involved in fitness. Physical results are pretty much the most rewarding and inspiring thing ever. You can get that 8 minute mile and you can definitely run a marathon. I’m so excited that you have such incredible dreams/goals and can’t to see what comes of all of them! 🙂

    • Chelsea says:

      Thanks Meg! (Bek? I can never tell, lol) I was a little nervous to put that post out because once you talk about your goals, it can be extra disappointing to not accomplish them, but I just keep reminding myself that these are LIFE goals, not TOMORROW goals 😛

      • megbek says:

        Exactly, and also, that’s what blogging is here for. It’s Meg. Haha. I know, it’s confusing, I need to sign off on my comments I guess. But really, just recognizing your goals is awesome and you’ll get nothing but support when/if you accomplish any/all of them.

      • Chelsea says:

        Awwww, thanks!!! 🙂 You’re just the kitten’s mittens, m’dear! 😀

  3. Love love LOVE this post!! first of all, i laughed at every gif and second of all, you have the awesomest goals!! you abso-friggin-lutely have the chops to make it as a writer if you want to. and the personal training goals- do it!! thats so awesome how fitness is becoming ingrained into your life.

    also i just read an article that having 4 kids is actually LESS stressful than having 3, so if i find it again i’ll send it your way. maybe mark can get on board 🙂 AND lastly, you’ll get that 26.2. it will happen!

    • Chelsea says:

      One of the coolest things about the internet it’s what kind of amazing cheerleaders you can meet! All the support and love behind this comment just brought the biggest smile to my face!

      I’m telling you, man – when that 26.2 does happen, hopefully it happens with you by my side! 😉 PS: that article sounds like just the ticket I need! Lol

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