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Friday Favorites

on May 10, 2013

Let’s look at another round of things on the internet this week that I thought were totally fascinating! Because, well, it’s Friday, these things are short, and it’s becoming a bit of a tradition around here, and who am I to buck tradition? Mark is working early today, and I’m working late, meaning we won’t be seeing much of each other 😦 it’s never fun when it works out like that, but what are you going to do? On to the favoriting!

Favorite GIF of the week


“A Week of Workouts” @ FitFluential: Because I work out all the time, but sometimes ain’t no one got the mental or physical steam to come up with a work-out on the fly. Plus, the FitFluential people are always amazing to check out for great fitness profiles, motivation, diet, and exercise tips!

“Running playlist and I now have to throw away a shirt” @ Hungry Runner Girl:Β Janae did it again with the amazing playlist, hilarious anecdote, and of course, adorable pictures of her little girl Brooke, who may just be the cutest blog baby out there, and is most definitely in the top five!

“Straight People answer Gay Questions” @ Upworthy: I found this video to be incredibly poignant, but at the same time really made me stop to think about how I would answer some of these questions, and why we’re even bothering to ask them at all. And for those of you who are worried, it’s not really a “political” video, so I would definitely check it out!

“Literary TED Talks are the Best TED Talks” @ BookRiot: If you’ve never heard of TED Talks, then PLEASE let this be the only link you click on from this post today! TED stands for “Thinking, Design, Engineering”, and TED talks are basically speeches by geniuses for non-geniuses. These literary TED talks cover everything from the power of cultural narrative, to why the ebook is important. But never feel – TED has talks on everything from economics to medicine.

“Vogue Names Met Gala’s Best Dressed” @ Yahoo:Β Because I love best dressed lists, the Met Gala is always a great place to see new fashion, and because, well, it’s Kim Kardashian being cut out of pictures so I get to use this face again


That’s Friday, is all its miscellany! Enjoy, and I hope your weekend is totally stellar!



4 responses to “Friday Favorites

  1. Hahaha great gif πŸ™‚ i am counting the minutes til the day is over, this week has lasted 10 years and im exhausted!! πŸ™‚

    • Chelsea says:

      Sorry it’s been such a long week! :/ but good thing it’s almost over πŸ˜€ glad I could help cheer you up!

  2. Runner Girl Eats says:

    Like could not stop laughing at that gif! Kids are the best. And crying Kim always cracks me up. It’s awful, but somehow fun for me.

    • Chelsea says:

      Oh, its nothing but fun for me! lol. Not the thought of her crying, that would be mean, just the face she makes when she does it πŸ™‚

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