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Things I Know Tuesday

on May 21, 2013

Hey, y’all! This week’s “Things I Know” is going to be a bit of a short one because today is officially the Outlaw Family Spring Cleanathon in which Mark and I have promised each other to take on the task of our apartment over the next day or two. We try to stay tidy all the time, but the house is due for a good deep clean, so wish me luck as I’m off to vacuum, dust, and otherwise sweat my way through the housework du jour! Let’s talk about what I know this week first, though.


I know that I may have started this blog as a method of accountability, but that what I’ve gained way more of is amazing friends who, like this lady or these girls, send me nothing but tons of internet love and support whenever something is happening, good or bad. I love them to pieces already, and can’t wait to see what their own fitness and life adventures lead their way – fingers crossed for an IRL meeting, well, someday down the road!

I know that summer school is finally here, and it got here really, really fast! Like, two weeks after the end of the spring semester fast. True, I go to school primarily on the internet, so it’s not like there’s a physical classroom I need to go to all the time or anything, but still. Nothing like opening up your school email just for fun to see a “welcome to the semester” email from a teacher!

I know that my heart is literally breaking for everyone in Moore, Oklahoma and it’s surround areas right now. I have family who lives in the Oklahoma City area, and I thanked God an infinite number of times last night that they were safe through this insanely scary tragedy. I spent this morning following the news stories and images coming out of the area, and it literally brought tears to my eyes. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have your entire life physically torn into something different in a matter of minutes. I have a very deep phobias of tornadoes, and I just…can’t.


I know that house cleaning blows. I’m really, really bad at it and hate doing it almost more than I hate anything else on the planet (short of tornadoes and the sound people make with their mouth when they’re eating bananas) which is why it piles up to the point where I hate it even more. It’s a viscous cycle I call my life. But I know that if I can just keep the Doubtfire in my mind, maybe it’ll all work out πŸ˜‰

And with that, it’s Outlaw out!

What’s your biggest fear? Have you ever experienced a natural disaster? If you could choose one household chore to do every time, and one that you never had to do again, what would the two be?

side note: if I had to answer that last question, I would do dishes every night of my life if it meant I never had to dust another counter/bookshelf/flat surface ever again!


7 responses to “Things I Know Tuesday

  1. Runner Girl Eats says:

    I’ve been through many hurricanes but none of them compare to Andrew 10 years ago. Natural disasters are no joke. The OK tornadoes are absolutely devastating.

    • Chelsea says:

      A hurricane? wow. See, that kind of experience just blows my mind. We in Kansas usually only deal with tornadoes and flooding, but I’ve never been in or seen anything like what happened in Moore yesterday. :/

      • Runner Girl Eats says:

        Luckily Andrew was the only HUGE storm I’ve been through. We weren’t hit nearly as hard as some other areas but still scary and the rebuilding experience is def a huge childhood memory.

      • Chelsea says:

        yeah, I can totally see that. Something like that would almost have to stick out. I’m glad everything went okay, obviously, but it just goes to show how much of a community experience something like that is.

  2. Aww i love YOU to pieces!! and i also love those fitnesscreatures to pieces!! group virtual hug πŸ™‚ and omg that tornado. i was glued to my tv after work! my step-dad works in ok-city but he was north of the storm by a few miles so thankfully he and all his coworkers were ok. but im praying for everyone who wasnt as lucky 😦

    lets see biggest fear- being kidnapped by a psychopath (i think i watch too many crime shows) luckily im getting to that age that i’m no longer prime psychopath bait but i’m also 5’0 and my mom always told me i was an easy height to be pushed into a van, so, yeah ahhh kidnappers! experienced a natural disaster… no. (knock on wood). and i would dust every single night if it meant i never had to do laundry again!!!

    • Chelsea says:

      Duuude, I TOTALLY get the whole psychopath thing! I watch way too much Criminal Minds and I swear, every time I have to get in my car after work, I double check to make sure no one is waiting with a wire to garrote me. True story.

      I’m so glad that your dad was okay! Oh man, I bet it was rough until you heard from him – I can’t even imagine!! I was in a “microblast” when I was young, which is basically just a tornado that doesn’t take a funnel cloud form, and it was traumatic. And I’ll totally do your laundry if you do my dusting. deal. πŸ˜‰

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