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Friday Favorites

on May 24, 2013

I thought I had so much more to share with you guys this week! But when I went back to my “saved posts” folder, the majority of what I bookmarked was from my reading blogs! And not that I don’t think you guys would find that fascinating, but it’s mainly just books that I want to read in the next few weeks. BUT, all hope is not lost, and I do have a few pretty baller pieces from the interwebs to bring you guys this week!

Book Fetish Volume LXXIV @ BookRiot: You guys know BookRiot. You’ve heard me blather on about it before. But this week their ‘book fetish’ article was particularly to die for! This series of articles is all about book-related bling, toys, home goods – you name it, if it’s literary but not actually a book, then this page will most likely get to it eventually. It’s one of maybe five or six regular features on the internet that I make sure to check up on regularly, and while I’ve never bought anything they’ve shown, I’ve been mighty tempted to more times than I can count!

May Mini-Challenge: Homemade Cleaners @ IHeartOrganizing: Oh, IHeart! I am a hoarder clutter bug and if the recent massive spring cleaning has taught me anything, it’s that I need a serious overhaul in my methods of cleaning (shockingly, my organizational skills are pretty top-par, they are just those organizational skills that don’t look organized, lol) and as this blog is all about healthy living, I was really excited to see a way to knock off the great things I love about Mrs. Meyers products – the fact that they’re all natural, powerful, and smell pretty good – using stuff that I mostly have around the house already. Yes, the recipes call for Borax, which has fallen in to debate regarding it’s safety, but with the cursory reading I’ve done, it seems to be one of those ‘in moderation’ kind of things. Plus, this post covers everything from all purpose cleaner to duster to toilet bowl cleaner!

Many People Thinking of Questions

Fancy that Feedback for Runners @ OlivetoRun: So, Cori is all over Friday Favorites over here all the time, because I love her and she’s amazing at this world we call blogging, and especially because every now and then she comes out with these kind of…composite posts? She’ll post a survey on her blog or ask for email contributions, and then post the answers in these big treasure troves of tips, tricks, advice, and preferences amongst any runners who answer her questions. It’s a great combination of reader survey, which are always fun to read, and general advice from among the community. You never know what amazing advice someone might turn over that you’ll get to read about on Cori’s blog! This article specifically took reader responses to some recent posts she’s done, and shared anything she thought would be of value to others!

Braving the Craving @ Commitness to Fitness: Charlotte blows my mind all the time with her amazing posts, hence my total thievery of that amazing GIF from Charlotte’s post this week. Unlike myself, who likes to dance around fitness and nutrition related things, Charlotte likes to dive right in and be all, like, “okay, let’s talk about ___”. And this week we were chatting all about food, nutrition, eating – and, in this amazing post that challenges us all to face our own s@#%$ and get over it so that we can work though our cravings for food – she talks about Camp “You Crave Because You’ve Got Drama” and Camp “You Crave Because your Body Needs Certain Things”. Check it out – it’s quite the conversation!

Oldies Workout Playlist @ Peanut Butter Fingers: So, guilty confession: I have the musical tastes of a seventy year old woman. Or a flamboyantly gay man. Or both. But a good 60% of what I listen to was originally produced before 1975. So when Julie was looking for suggestions for her upcoming water aerobic class and needed some oldies tunes, I knew I had a great playlist coming my way. And I wasn’t wrong! I saw this a few days ago, and now there is a pretty new iPod playlist bearing a very similar name with quite a few of the same tracks πŸ˜‰ They may not be the best for the most hard-core of speedwork, but they get me through the elliptical with a big ole’ smile on my face and a groove in the step!

What did you run across this week? Any awesomely stand-out moments?


4 responses to “Friday Favorites

  1. Hahaha i have the music tastes of a 70 year old woman as well! πŸ™‚ That bangle at the top of the page is soo rad- i want it!! your posts ALWAYS make me laugh and smile. thanks for the amazing shout out!! you have no idea how happy it made me to see that today πŸ™‚ and i’d like to see some more book posts- dont hold back! you have a really cool talent for picking out good book recos! i cant wait to read eleanor & park!

    hope your friday is fabulous, and have a wonderful weekend my dear!!

    • Chelsea says:

      Hey man, sometimes you just need the internets permission, so more book posts might just be a thing (and yes, by ‘internet’ I mean ‘Charlotte’ because apparently you are the ENTIRE internet now, which you probably deserve). And I know what you mean about the bangle – bookish jewelry is always the hardest to pass up!

  2. olivetorun says:

    First, thank you for including me in your friday favorites. It means more to me than you know. Second, your follow up to why you did was a huge compliment, so thank you for that too!

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