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150 Posts and a love letter

on May 30, 2013

Can you guys believe it’s already been 150 posts? Not that that’s, you know, an official unit of time measurement or anything, but still! It feels like a pretty cool deal to see 150 pop up next to the “posts” link on the Dashboard – all you WordPressers out there pick up my drift! Anyway, I wanted to take today, in honor of the fact that you all have been super awesome, and the fact that come June 1st I’m starting a couple months of hard-core beat up on the body, to write a little love letter.

I’ve been seeing a lot of great discussion going on lately about the expectations we keep for ourselves, valuing our bodies, and why the human body is as awesome as it is. And since this blog makes frequent mention of the things I wouldn’t mind changing about myself, I thought I might put up this little reminder (for myself as well as for all you lovelies out there) that your body is already pretty darn amazing just as it is right now. So, deep breath and…

Dear Body,

Thanks for doing so many awesome things every day, even when I don’t request that you do them? Blinking? Who has time to think of that. Breathing, converting glucose, shuttling gallons of blood around my body every day – I don’t actually have to tell you to do those things, you just take care of it. Which is totally awesome, as it’s a pretty good sign that you’ve got things under control, at least at the most basic level.  So let’s move up a level.

Feet – you’re gross. You smell, you’re all lumpy and knotty and you occasionally smell. Hands, you’re not much better – short, stubby, giant knuckles. But you know what? In case of fight, those hands could do some potential ass kicking. And feet, you could get me away from a situation pretty damn fast if I asked you to. Not to mention you carry me every where I’m going and every where I’ve gone. All without much of a thank you. So thank you.

Legs, I don’t even care that you’re tree trunks. I don’t really care that I don’t have that inner-thigh gap, mostly because I think my thighs like touching. It lets them know they have a friend in the world. I don’t mind because all that thickness just means that much more weight I can bear, that many more babies I’ll be able to tote around one day, that many more bends up and down to grab my favorite book off the bottom bookshelf. And my flapping grandma wings (what do you call that bit of fat under your arms?)? One day those things will delight grandchildren for hours to come, and even now they do a pretty good non-skinny job at offering hugs, high-fives, and pats on the back. Sometimes the world gets hard, and that means having broad shoulders to carry it. So thanks for that to, upper body, even if the shoulders doing the carrying aren’t that defined yet.

And then we have the stomach. Oh, abs – will you ever truly get to see the light of day? I know you’re down there somewhere, like the dwarves of Moria, but I would be quite surprised and delighted to actually make face-to-face contact with you one day. But it’s cool if you’re comfy down there – that little bit of extra padding on top is okay. It means I’m warm in winter; it means I’m ready to grow, nurture, and produce a tiny human life one day. And it serves as a gentle reminder that we can all have work to do while still being okay with who we are as people.

Last but not least – the other stuff. The hair. The eyebrows. The nose that’s too long and the cheeks that are too round. And the only thing I have to say to all those extra parts, it’s that I’m sorry. Because they always take the extra beating for being the quick fix. Those abs may be a long time coming, but chopping off the hair can be done NOW, with CHANGE guaranteed! I’ve always loved my smile and the length of my hair, and sometimes that’s all I have going for me on “the list of things I love about my body right now” – so thanks for always being those one or two things.

Body, to wrap up, I think you’re just so amazing. And I wish more people thought the same thing about their bodies. Every day our bodies do FUCKING MAGIC inside us to keep us alive. Seriously, the best factory in the world has nothing on the human body. So maybe you’ve got an extra 20 pounds – hell, an extra 40. And maybe your hands are too wide, your feet are too long, your legs are too spindly and you hate your chicken arms. But your body is still miraculous. So recognize. And respect.


6 responses to “150 Posts and a love letter

  1. Awesome post Chelsea!! its so important to love yourself and your body, flaws and all. because like you just said, at the end of the day its doing some pretty amazing things and that is just beautiful. my mom tells the story from when she was young and when she’d complain that her legs are too short my grandmother would say “be thankful you have two legs to stand on”… grandmothers really have a way of putting life in perspective 🙂

    • Chelsea says:

      Don’t they, though! I don’t know where my grandma gets it all, but she’s like some kind of well of reason and wisdom. Its almost scary impressive sometimes 🙂

  2. megbek says:

    What a wonderful way to incorporate the wisdom and insight you’ve been reading about into your own post. It’s so very important to remember how magical our bodies truly are and how much they are the very reason we can do what we want to everyday, within reason. I read, on Olive to Run, a while ago, how easy it is to focus on the negatives of ourselves and forget about the positives. It’s refreshing to know that this community, and you, can help be reminders that the positive stuff is so much more significant. 🙂 I think you are the most adorable person ever, and you remind me of this absolutely wonderful woman that I know in ATL. Anyway, loved this post, love you, and yay for loving our bodies! 🙂 Enjoy your day!

    • Chelsea says:

      Aw, I always love reminding people of others, as long as its in a good way!! One thing I love about this community we have is that there does seem to be a lot of love to be had, and while sometimes we all have our dark times, there is a lot of positivity going around. Loved this, girl – hope your day is as amazing as you are!

  3. olivetorun says:

    I absolutely LOVE this!
    Seriously, the best factory in the world has nothing on the human body. <– SO true… we don't take enough time to appreciate all of the amazing things our bodies do for us. We are always so busy focusing on what we DON'T like. ❤

    • Chelsea says:

      What’s crazy is that we don’t know so much about HOW the body does what it does, and here we are just being like, “yeah, I eat food and breathe air and my body makes it work and whatever”… Sorry, I just nerd girl out over how cool the human body is sometimes 🙂

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