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Friday Favorites #5

on May 31, 2013

Hey y’all! Sorry about my comment-y absence yesterday on the blog! It was just one of those days where every time I sat down to do my reading and commenting something popped up that needed to be handled right away, and all of a sudden it was 11:00 at night and I was beat. But, I suppose there’s nothing like a crazy busy Thursday to make for a much more relieving Friday. So without further ado, some favorites from the week:


Hot Weather Running Tips @ SkinnyRunner: It’s finally heating up out there, guys! Can you believe it?! Summer is finally here with gusto, and after a winter like that, I personally couldn’t be more relieved! But, along with summer running comes running in the heat – which takes just a little bit more preperation and awareness on our parts to stay safe, healthy, and still running in to the heat and humidity of August (which I’m pretending isn’t going to happen. Just like I always do, lol). This article is absolutely a must-read before you lace up and hit that burning hot pavement – even if you’re pretty sure you’ve got it down, you never know when you might run across something new!

 Triple-Berry Summer Salad |

Triple Berry Summer Salad @ Iowa Girl Eats: Fair warning: this isn’t the only Friday Favorite from Iowa Girl this go-round. Let’s be honest – I’ve talked about Kristin’s blog on here before, because I’m basically always in love with everything she makes. But it seems like this past week or so she’s just been ON A ROLL in terms of making things that make me go “I must immediately make this or die.” This salad is one of those. I mean, come on! Berries! Goat cheese! Almonds! Avocado! I really think that’s the main reason Kristin is just making gold this week – with summer here, so are some of my favorite flavors and food combinations. But that doesn’t change the fact that…damn. Doesn’t that salad look amazing?

Another week of Portable Workouts @ Fitfluential: Oh, Fitfluential! There you are again, showing up every week with great motivational pictures and on-the-go workouts and other things that put to shame all the excuses I have at the ready whenever, you know, I just don’t give a damn that day. Which happens more than it should. I won’t say I’m totally in love with all of the workouts on this round of ‘Portable Workouts’, but I thought that this “Beach Attack” workout looked challenging enough for even this land-locked, ocean-starved girl. I mean, 1-minute single leg squat hold? Bring it on!

Life lessons from a Pup @ Mangoes and Miles: You guys know that I love Beth – I think she’s inspirational athletically, and I’m MONDO impressed by her med-school aspirations. Plus, her dog makes my heart melt and reminds me of my dog all at the same time, which, for those of you who know my dog, makes that only 1000% more awesome! Anyway, I loved this post from Beth for three reasons: while the concept is a little corny, Beth truly pulls out some pretty great wisdom that we could all pick up from our little furry friends (“play often”, “keep track of your stuff”) and she illustrates this with AMAZING PICTURES. Also, there’s a bad-ass looking pancake. Also – Up GIFs for the win!

Chili-Lime Shrimp Bowls with Black Bean-Mango Salsa |

Chili-Lime Shrimp Bowls with Black Bean-Mando Salsa @ Iowa Girl Eats: It’s like Chipotle, if Chipotle had sea-food options, was homemade with love, and had approximately 1/10000 of the calories. You guys have seen on the blog that I’m a huge fan of one bowl, one pan, one container meals (less cleanup, less dishes, less having to reach for multiples things while I’m shoveling still-burning food in to my mouth) and this one really hit the nail on the head. Everything about this dish looks filling, healthy, spicy (or at least, it’ll be that way by the time I’m finished, lol) and full of my absolute favorite shellfish. Once we get access to a grill more permanently, you may be seeing a ton of variations on this theme this summer πŸ˜€

And there you have it, everyone! The fifth round of Friday Favorites is over for today 😦 I know, I know! But I’ll be back same time next week, so get out there and make your Friday an amazing one!

Most fantastic thing from this week?


3 responses to “Friday Favorites #5

  1. Awesome round up! cant wait to go to these links! well, ive already been to beth’s (who i adore) but i love these round ups because i love finding new blogs. that chili lime shrimp bowl is making my mouth water! (and if you saw the size of the lunch i just ate, that shouldnt be possible) plus that beach is making me want to be on a beach. well, happy friday love, have a glorious weekend!

    • Chelsea says:

      Same to you, my dear! Have a good time with your mom, and a great birthday weekend πŸ˜€ eat something delicious and have a drink or five, haha

  2. megbek says:

    Haha, I love the urination chart. I picked up my water bottle immediately and finished it off. I’m going to fill it up immediately. Maybe you can text me everyday and remind me to get it together and polish off my water everyday? How much would you charge for a service like that? LOL. That last bowl looks amazingly yummy and wonderful and I would eat that up like it was my last meal. The picture is so enticing. I love your Friday favorites, hope you have a wonderful Friday my love! πŸ™‚ Enjoy the weather!

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