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What I Ate Wednesday (Here Goes Nothing!)

on June 5, 2013

Peas and Crayons

Many of you may not know this, but I’ve been debating whether or not to start participating in What I Ate Wednesday for a couple of weeks now. Not because I don’t think it’s an AMAZING idea for a weekly idea round up (after all, we all eat, and we’re all secretly fascinated by what others are eating. You can admit it, I won’t judge) but because I’m absolutely awful at remembering to take pictures of my food before I eat it! I’m usually too busy inhaling the food, for one thing, but its also just a habit one needs to get in to. So I’m going to try and get in to the habit, and I’m hoping WIAW can be just the motivation I need to do that (and I don’t just mean taking pictures of my food. It’ll start there, but I’m hoping this makes me more camera-mindful in general). PLUS, June is all about sensible snacking, and I love snacking! Snacking’s my favorite!

This is going to come at you crazy-collage style because, well, some of these pictures are older and when it comes to any given day, the snacks I choose are as random as the day is long!

wpid-20130512_140834.jpg  20130430_193149  20130430_152929  wpid-20130425_124552.jpg  wpid-20130419_130553.jpg  wpid-IMG_20130418_163844.jpg  wpid-20130414_170950.jpg  wpid-20130331_101137.jpg  wpid-20130329_194122.jpg  wpid-20130327_135653.jpg  20130327_104534_thumb.jpg  20130326_155911.jpg  20130318_134357  wpid-IMG_20130317_171100.jpg  P3140004_thumb.jpg

1.) Pretzel chips. The best of both worlds, and strong enough to dish up that delicious Laughing Cow.

2.) Chips and guac. The chunkier and spicier the better. Enough said.

3.) Fruit bowls. At least a few pounds is preferable, but either way I’ll cradle it like a small child 🙂

4.) Kale chips! SO easy to make!

5.) Clementines – they just go with everything.

6.) Cereal. As you can see, a proper bowl is entirely optional.

7.) Those granola bars are probably nutritionally negligible. Don’t care – they’re delicious. Also, clementines!

8.) Mmm… Strawberries…

9.) Homemade chocolate-covered caramels don’t get made often, but when they do, you gotta make them last. Oh, and sea salt is a must.

10.) Veggies and hummus is ALWAYS a go-to. Seriously, it’s a never fail.

11.) Dates! Kind of like raisins, but bigger. and chewier.

12.) Again, this is one of those “not great but works in a pinch” – the beef jerkey comes in a two pack so Mark and I end up splitting it and it’s basically just straight protein!

13.) Smoothies!!! Especially now that it’s summer 🙂

14.) I’m out of this dark chocolate peanut butter. And this picture reminds me that I need more. Immediately.

15.) Who doesn’t need chocolate? And when it’s as dark as this chocolate was, a little dab will truly do you.

A huge thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons, as always, for hosting this great round-up, so go check out what everyone else has been snacking on recently (seriously, the ideas there are great!)

What’s the yummiest thing you’ve had to eat this week? 


6 responses to “What I Ate Wednesday (Here Goes Nothing!)

  1. Dates! I have been wanting to try dates for a while but I never remember- im going to add them to my grocery list right now before i forget again. 1 moment. ok back. and those homemade chocolate covered caramels are making me drool at my desk. one sec while i get a paper towel to mop the drool from my keyboard. ok back. and also i had my first beef jerky a couple weeks ago when Eric got one in his bloody mary! i love those things! happy wednesday girlie 🙂

    • Chelsea says:

      Happy Wednesday, m’dear! And those caramels are SO EASY. Seriously – 1 bag of caramels. 1 bag of chocolate chips of your choice (I love using dark chocolate). Smoosh the caramels, melt the chocolate. Dip, sprinkle with salt, let cool. Freeze if desired, then try not to eat them all at once! 😀 Keep it beautiful darling!

  2. Do you eat pretzels for breakfast?!
    I just had Roti for lunch. and I bought a whole watermelon to eat by myself. nom nom nom

    • Chelsea says:

      Lol, I have, on occasion, had pretzels at every meal. I love pretzels. Lol. And I say I’d love to see you eat a whole watermelon. I’ll join you. #noshame 🙂

  3. megbek says:

    Yay for your first WIAW! Glad you made it collage style! 🙂 So adorbz. On to the more important things – I LOVE those pretzel chips and couldn’t agree more with you about the guac! Now I’m craving it and it’s almost midnight. Grrrrreat. << Go to sleep, me!
    I'm impressed that you can eat dates plain like that. I must incorporate them into something else or I can't eat em!
    The yummiest thing I've had allllllll week long was definitely the white chocolate wonderful peanut butter. 🙂 SO addictive.

    • Chelsea says:

      I LOVE that you used “adorbz” – it seriously made my heart so happy, lol! 🙂 I know what you mean about guac cravings – there is no telling when they’re going to hit, and they don’t go away easily!
      Is it the texture that keeps you from eating dates plain? I love them! They’re like spicy raisins and big enough that just munching on two or three is usually enough to curb some hunger pangs 🙂

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