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An Afternoon Check-in

on June 6, 2013


Hello, dears! How have all of your mornings been? I’ve loved getting the chance to check in with most of you already before adding my own little piece to the blog world for the day 🙂 I’ve spent the morning doing a little shopping, picking up a treat, and now I’m taking full advantage of this momentary lull for lunch-digestion to get this blog post up and running 🙂

Let me tell you guys a little secret – I have a very, very deep and abiding love for Dunkin’ Doughnuts iced coffees (with skim milk and extra ice. Naturally.) This girl knows what I’m talking about. So you may have noticed the occasional mention of the Dunkin’ Doughnuts they’re building just seconds from my apartment. Well, friends, that day has come and the building is finished at last! This weekend is their opening weekend, and I was fully willing to oblige the ridiculously long wait inside – the drive through just wasn’t happening, ain’t nobody got time for that kind of line – to pick up an extra treat while I was out picking up the supplies for breakfast today


any guesses as to what breakfast was? Any of you who read Cassey’s blog or are big on the Pinterest scene can probably spot two-ingredient pancakes from a mile away! Who knew that two large eggs and one big banana, mashed together, could end up being so damn delicious? I defrosted some frozen strawberries, and let the juice from that serve as the syrup – kind of like a poor mans fruit compote. It wasn’t the most indulgent breakfast ever, but it definitely satisfied the pancake craving I’ve been having lately! While I was out and about at the store, I also managed to pick up some lemon, limes, and mint to make the water you can see in the first picture. It’s been chilling in the fridge and I’ve been sipping out of it, and let me tell you – its good. Not great, but definitely good enough to keep me drinking more and more water! Plus, I’ve been inspired to try some strawberry/kiwis and watermelon/cucumber/honeydew combos. Now THAT sounds good! 🙂


Lunch was that bad boy of an egg/sausage/potato scramble, so clearly I was still after the savory portion of breakfast. But whatever. Luckily I have a husband who is totally on board eating breakfasts at almost any time of day (other than dinner. He’s weirdly opposed to eating brinner, which is almost blasphemy in my opinion. he bravely sacrifices from time to time). I’m just giving it it’s due time to digest before hitting the gym – on the schedule today is another four-and-a-half mile run, and while the sun is finally out, the humidity is out right along with it. So the gym it is! What can I say, I’m a total wuss when it comes to weather.

Are you a good weather-handler – does rain/humidity/snow/darkness/too much sun keep you indoors running, or even indoors doing something else? Also, where do you stand on breakfast for dinner? Please say yes, or I don’t think we can be friends much longer! 





4 responses to “An Afternoon Check-in

  1. megbek says:

    Cute idea for the water. Those things have been popping up everywhere. Unfortunately, I can’t handle anything other than plain water or sparkling water (still plain). 🙂 But, where I lack in flavored water, I make up for with my love of breakfast at ANY time of the day. Brinner? Bring it ON! My friends and I LOVE brinner more than anything else. In fact, we used to have themed dinner nights and brinner was constantly the front runner. I’m fascinated by this pancake idea. I kinda want to try this tomorrow. If only I could manage to get outta bed sooner than 7 am. Hm. Decisions, decisions.
    Have fun at the gym today!!!
    I am working on getting used to this crazy humidity. 🙂 I would always rather be outside than inside.

    • Chelsea says:

      I wish I could say the same about the whole outdoor/indoor thing! I don’t know, maybe I just spent a bit too much time indoors reading books growing up, but when it comes down to brass tax I’m headed inside with a smile on my face! I mean, it’s weird, because I really love camping and could do that for days at a time, but something specifically about going outside with the express purpose of getting sweaty when it’s already so hot outside…you’re my hero for getting out there, girl! That’s for sure!

  2. Breakfast for dinner is ALWAYS -and i do mean always- a good idea. Like i think more people should serve omelets and french toast buffets at their saturday night black tie weddings. that would make me very happy indeed 🙂 ive still yet to try the 2 ingredient pancake though- i must do that in the near future. and yeah i get scared into gym workouts allll the time by the weather. hope you’re having a good night hun!

    • Chelsea says:

      Oh man, now I kind of wish I could rewind back to my own wedding just so I could have it at night, serve pancakes (crepes maybe? or stuffed french toast? the possibilities are endless!) and invite you. I guess all that will just have to wait for the vow renewal! lol. I would definitely give the pancakes a try – they taste REALLY good – but they burn easy so make sure to cook them low and slow and, well, enjoy! 🙂

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