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Friday Favorites #6

on June 7, 2013

Happy Friday, you guys! I kind of can’t believe that it’s already Friday – this week seemed to go by rather quickly, which has been kind of awesome šŸ™‚ It might have something to do with the fact that, starting Monday, I get a nice little five-day vacation from work! It wasn’t intentional or anything, there have recently been a bunch of new-hires and they’re using the shift time to train them, so I’m just going to take a deep breath and kind of plow through until then.

This afternoon my grandparents are coming in to town to meet-up with my parents before all four of them head on to Chicago tomorrow to see my sister, her boyfriend, and my AMAZING niece! I’m kind of sad I can’t go with them, but they’ll be back by the end of the weekend and they’re bringing my niece with them! So, basically, as of Monday I get to spend the next few weeks with the most adorable little girl on the face of the planet šŸ˜€ In case you couldn’t tell, I’m super excited for this to happen! Anyway, let’s get on to some Friday favorites shall we?

POP Pilates for Beginners Calendar @ Blogilates:Ā You guys know I love Cassey Ho like woah (yeah, I knew that was going to rhyme. #brownhairdon’tcare). I mean, I mention her name at least a couple hundred times a week on this blog, and any time I’m trying to just mix things up and get re-inspired, I head over to her blog/twitter/instagram and feel instantly refreshed! lol. And I’m excited times approximately one million for Ā her newest calendar, because it looks like the perfect routine for those who are new to exercise in general, new to pilates specifically, or even those who may just need a refresher and to take it back to the basics. Those of you know know Cassey’s calendars know how amazing they are – and those of you who don’t, you’re about to find out!

Race photo

Tips for Running Faster @ Fitnessista:Ā Who doesn’t want to run faster? I mean, even perennial turtles such as myself occasionally feel the need. The need for speed. So when the mood strikes, what’s the best way to indulge it safely and effectively? That’s where Gina’s amazing post comes in! While there wasn’t necessarily information I hadn’t read somewhere else, hearing it come from Gina’s point of view put a wonderful spin on it that made the advice feel much, much more personal. The post was put up in honor of National Running Day earlier this week (ironically enough, National Doughnut Day is also this week) and has some really great tips from Gina’s readers in the comments. All in all, definitely a post worth checking out!

35 Minute HIIT that SHIT

HIIT that SH*T – A New HIIT Workout @ Fit.Fun.Femme.: Sarah and Natalie, in case you didn’t know, are the tops. They are one of my top two favorite fitness-blogging duos (the other being the hilarious girls over behind fitnesscrEATures) mostly because they’re CRAZY hilarious, but also because they do things like coming up with this ass-kicking workout. Yeah, I did it. And yeah, it was TOUGH. I had to scale down for my turtle self, and even so. Damn! Plus, the girls do this really cool feature where at the beginning of every week they dedicate a post to “say it, do it” and then hold themselves accountable every week. I love that they hold themselves up there like that – it’s very, very cool. But not nearly as cool as this workout!


The 3 Best Butt Exercises @ Fit Bottomed Girls:Ā Oh, FBG. You’re there every day in my Feedly, your three or four stories that I always read, even on days when I don’t read anyone else’s blog. FBG is like my one-stop-shop for all things fitness: interviews, reviews, give-aways, and the three authors are constantly sharing about their personal athletic lives, which satisfies the voyeur in me šŸ˜‰ Plus, every now and then they’ll throw up a top three or top five or top ten list of exercises… Also, this my very well be a TMI, but I love my butt and my husband loves my butt and I’m all about working out my butt. Especially since these exercises look so basic but so intense!

How to Run a Fast 10K, Crazy Running Girl Style @ Crazy Running Girl:Ā I know we’ve already talked a bit today about how to run faster in general, but seeing as how I’m working towards running a 10K sometime at the end of summer/early in the Fall, this post full-on caught my eye. I LOVE that Lora even broke the 10K down by mileage and kind of set the stage on your pacing in terms of what “stage” of mileage you’re in – setting a foundation in the early miles, picking it up as you continue, etc. – it’s kind of a visual way to think about it that works well with my brain. Hopefully it has some helpful tips in there for you as well!

Chocolate Cherry Fruit and Nut Balls [quick + easy!]

Chocolate Cherry Fruit and Nut Balls (Homemade Larabar Laraballs) @ Peas and Crayons:Ā I couldn’t leave for the weekend without giving you guys something delicious to make/look at longingly! Plus, when it comes down to delicious-sounding recipes that also mimic my favorite (but far too expensive) grocery store treats, I’m all on board for that! Also, for those of you who are looking for a way to use up those dates, this recipe sounds like a yummy way to do that. If you guys haven’t spent days of your life lost on the Peas and Crayons site (no? just me then?) you don’t know what you’re missing! Beautiful photos, healthy and creative recipes, an adorable family – it’s everything you could ask for in a food blog!

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope its a great one!

Plans for the weekend? Favorites for the week?Ā 


9 responses to “Friday Favorites #6

  1. thats so fun you’re going to be having so much family time soon!! yay for family time! i agree with all your favorites- all those blogs- and the ladies behind the blogs- are the bees knees šŸ™‚ and also yay for 5 day vacations from work!!! i want one of those!! have a glorious weekend my dear!

  2. Hey sweets! Thanks so much for the lovin’ today! Hope your weekend is fabulous topped off with a 5 day vaca. #jealous Happy Friday!

  3. says:

    So glad you loved that HITT! Sara comes up with the best ones and I steal them šŸ™‚ Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

  4. megbek says:

    I love all your favorites. After you mentioned Cassey Ho yesterday I checked out her blog. And soon after her yoga bag gear. And then proceeded to stalk her for about an hour. My boss probably hates me. But really, she is awesome and I can’t wait to see what you’re doing with her calendar. šŸ™‚ Maybe I’ll join you soon. Good grief, I love those tips for running faster – they are all things I’m trying to do. Sara’s HIIT workout looks the best but what’s even more impressive than the workout itself is the graphic she made. Absolutely perfect. I pinned it immediately. LOL. All your 10K talk really gets me excited!! Can’t waitttttttt for you to do it! Happy Friday to you too my love! I have a guest post at Her Happy Balance on my favorites today, but really, it’s a bunch of pictures of yours truly. So it can’t be that much of a Friday Favorite. Ha!

    • Chelsea says:

      Isn’t Cassey Ho just, like, surprisingly easy to stalk for a weird length of time? Her store alone is worth spending a good amount of time browsing around! I didn’t have the time to comment when I read it, but I ADORED your guest post, and was totally fine with the number of pictures. šŸ˜€ Have a great weekend, m’dear!

  5. Thanks for the love! The fruit and nut balls sound amazing — I am going to have to try to make them!

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