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I’m Baaaack…!

on June 17, 2013

Hey you guys! (who’s with me on that being basically THE best movie of your childhood!?)

I’m back, y’all! I can’t believe I was without you guys for what seemed like practically an entire week (let me tell you, guys, blogging from your phone just is not the same experience! lol) When we got back from the water park on Thursday, I arrived home from my parents to a scene that looked very similar to this one


only the computer in question was my laptop. Mark had to call in the calvalry, basically – our most tech savvy friends Zach and John – because whatever was wrong with my computer was just not bowing down to the power of the control-alt-delete, lol. Whatever they did, it seems to be working now, although I’ve been forbidden from updating my iTunes before checking with Mark (?!) and I’ve had to switch to Google Chrome, which is a bit of an adjustment and was kind of a bummer in terms of re-setting up my bookmarks and what not. I know. #firstworldproblems. But I know one of y’all out there can feel me! So, what have I been up to while not seeing all your beautiful, digital faces?


Mark’s parents bought a new trailer! It’s a pretty nice tow-behind, and they’re planning on taking it on the road for a road trip through the month of July. Mark’s parents are pretty outdoorsy people, so this is actually pretty perfect for them, and the best part is that Mark and I are thinking about taking it out in October (the camper is heated!) for some lake-side camping for our anniversary. We love camping at Clinton, and this just makes it that much easier to camp in style 😉


Yeah, remember how they just finished building a bright and shiny Dunkin’ Donuts like thirty seconds from my front door? Just in time for National Doughnut Day, and remember how they’re also open very day – ALL day – and I’m basically an iced coffee addict who thinks Dunkin’ has the best in-house brand? So…this has been happening a lot. A lot more than it should, but I’m telling myself I’m just getting my kicks now, and soon the novelty will wear off…right… :O


Suushiii….Oh man, talk about a food I could probably eat my weight in every day and always be ready for more! This lovely sampling was snagged from a Costco platter Mark and I impulse bought home during our last trip, and that spicy tuna alone was more than worth it! There were also a couple California rolls and maybe a spicy salmon? Honestly, I don’t much remember and didn’t much care – it was all delicious!



Running, running, running! I’ve found that new ‘thing’ that keeps me sane on the treadmill – Gossip Girl (you can kind of see Ed Westwick’s beautiful face hidden behind my awkward picture-taking reflection). It’s trashy, it’s rich, it’s beautiful teens with soap-opera problems – and it’s completely, startlingly addicting. I mean, don’t get me wrong – treadmill runs are still long and can still drag sometimes, but having a few more seasons of this show definitely lessens the dread! Also, my distances are slowly getting longer and longer (hitting 5 miles this week, and hopefully almost 7 by the end of July) which is TOTALLY awesome to see happening! But I’m also needing a change to the plan for this summer (see, folks, that’s why we reevaluate our goals every so often, note to future self 😉 ) which I’m excited to talk about Thursday of this week – stay tuned!

What were you all up to while I was gone? Big milestones? Major life revelations? Snap judgments  I’d love to hear whatever you have to tell me! 



12 responses to “I’m Baaaack…!

  1. Runner Girl Eats says:

    I love watching trash tv on the mill. It def helps the time fly! Congrats on all the mileage!!

  2. megbek says:

    YAY for your computer being back!!!!!!!!!!! I can imagine you’re the happiest ever right now! Girl, once you get situated, you’re going to be ALL ABOUT Google Chrome. I refuse to use anything else after discovering that gem of a browser. I promise, give it a few weeks and you’ll agree. 🙂 #firstworldproblems for sure! I’m right there with ya. My parents bought a trailer to take on a summer vacation once and it was so cute, they just drove around and were so outdoorsy too! Costco has sushi? I am shocked and appalled that I have never known this. Sushi + Costco are like, two of my favorite things. Wow. Definitely checking that out next time I go. YAY for those miles!!!!! I am so impressed that it’s on a treadmill (tough!!) but I think when you get to watch Gossip Girl, you can totally stay on forever. That show is like a drug! Looking forward to hearing about your changes – have you seen any results yet?
    Haha, this weekend was pretty run of the mill, though tiring. I was sad because my new running shoes ended up being a bit too small and I didn’t get to use them, but they’ll be here today or tomorrow! Yipee! Have a fab Monday lovely! Glad you’re back!

    • Chelsea says:

      Glad to be back!! I sure did miss you guys 🙂 glad to hear your week was good, if long – bummer about the shoes, though – I hate it when stuff like that happens! Glad to hear the notes that fit are coming soon, though! Girl, you HAVE to check out Costco sushi! Its not the absolute best, but for the cost its hard to beat. Definitely pick it up the next time you’re out 😀 have a great Monday!

  3. welcome back blog twin!!! i missed you in regular internet form! that sushi looks so good. also that camping trip in oct is going to be SO much fun!! i love stuff like that. i havent gotten into tv on the elliptical yet. sometimes i watch infomercials for insanity or p90x bc other ppl working out make me push through more, but otherwise im all about the music. and omg “heyyy youuuuu guysssss” best movie ever!!!

    • Chelsea says:

      I totally feel you on the music thing – I find a lot of times you can watch the Kardashians with no sound and not miss much, so you may try that 😉 I very much missed your beautiful blogging face while I was ‘gone’, and its that much better to be back now!

  4. YAY – So glad you have your computer back and Happy Monday!

  5. Welcome back! Ugh, I know what you mean when you say that you could eat your weight in sushi. I swear, it’s the addictive Umami taste bud that tricks us into wanting more! Have a lovely day, Chelsea 🙂

  6. Ahhh busybusybusy. I’m getting exhausted just reading about it!

    Once you use Google Chrome for a while, I’m convinced that you’ll think it’s the best thing ever. 🙂 (Or, at least, I do, which obviously means you will too…)

    • Chelsea says:

      Lol. Confession: I’m already falling in love. Now that I’ve got my bookmarks all situated, of course… 😉

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