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I’m Still Alive!!!

on June 25, 2013







I’m still here! I’m just not here! Lol. After a completely lovely email from Charlotte I realized how long its been since I checked in with you guys 😀

I thought I’d be able to keep up with the blog with family in town, but I should have known better! So I guess just consider this my summer vacay? I hope all you lovelies are having a beautiful summer and staying sweaty!



2 responses to “I’m Still Alive!!!

  1. megbek says:

    Aw, Charlotte is so cute to check in! I checked here everyday too, missing my girly! But, glad to see you’re in it (via Instagram, of course!) and love seeing what you’re doing in another means of communication. ❤ happy summer lady!

  2. Yayyy you’re alive!!! good good 🙂 looks like you’ve been having an absolutely fabulous time with the fam! i love those blue polka dot sunglasses, i want those!

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